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Caption bc pc still won't let me add it: don't let the poem deceive you, this is in no way a sad poem.
this is gorgeous 🫶🫶
absolutely talented 💓💓
we love a good ol black and white poem that’s not actually sad but a strange reminiscing feeling of “glad we happened but it’s for the best”
I résonante with this so much and unironically have a playlist post planned with similar vibes 😂
yes I love john green's books sm! I just bought "paper towns"
I love this so much 🫶🏽
thank u! 🩶
this is outstanding! i’m obsessed w all ur collages. the words always speak to me.
ahh i love this poem🫶🫶🫶
of course <3
oh really? I'll tell you when I've read it!
how are you by the way?
ahhh thank you Anouk!!
I swear every now and then I just need a good angry teen angst collage despite me not really being a teen anymore 😅
Oop that escalated👀 I did not know they’re dating your friend now whoa. totally felt though, like we worked but the two of you work better and I’m not mad abt it
of course!
ur welcome! and tysm! i really appreciate that 🩶
thank you!⭐️⭐️⭐️
yeah I bet it was a little awkward. you know my situation and even if it was a mutual breakup or there’s good feelings towards the other person, whenever they get into a relationship or know they’re dating seriously again always blindsides me a little bit
the right person is out there for everyone, and as a writer it’s always motivating to see the love that works out. 🥹 the world isn’t all sadness and sorrow
my comments / remixes are always open too if you ever want to talk ! :D
Thank you so much Anouk!
this is AMAZING by the way, your poems ALWAYS hit me in the feels!
okay great :))
Aww I hope you feel better soon 💓💓
I‘m pretty good, the autumn break started two days ago! do you have holidays at the moment ?
of course 🩷
that’s cool! what did you do during the holiday?
I‘m in Portugal! The cities are so beautiful and the weather is very good, I could stay here forever lol! Have you ever been there?
of course! how are you doing? <3
that sounds great though!
that’s cool! Which country do you really want to visit?🫶
I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’m doing okay. going to the beach next week and my birthday is in about two weeks!
haha ahh relatable 😭 the amount of times I’ve typed something up and wondered if I should over share is too much to count 😭 both have their benefits and I fully support the notes app rant!
awww thank you!! and tywm for all of your kind comments on my q&a haha! how are you doing??
you’re able to express such an emotion through this poem alone I can help but wonder if everything was ok in this situation 😭