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aww tyyy! 💓
ill post tomorrow if thats okay xx
posted it!
this got featured!! 🎉
i think its only featured on my acc though for some reason!
Hey! Please could you check out the contest on my account? There are many prizes! Id love it if you entered! Thank you! 💓
hey do you want to be friends 🙏
thanks you seem wonderful yourself
hey where are you from?
same I wanna bring my friend that knows I’m bisexual
our “ruler” is a tiny old happy man
ps. I’m Irish ☘️
I will
I have to go to bed now but I’ll talk about 8:30 my local time and then I’m n school until 3:00
good night 💤
hello good morning 😁
hey I wanna talk when your out off school
hey am I annoying you by asking to talk I’m just that kind of person so it’s just a question?
hey do wanna talk
hey wanna talk
what time is it where you live
and where do you live
I live in Dublin
also do you have any bros or sisis
it’s 11:45pm over here but we can still talk I’m not going to sleep for couple hours
do you have any siblings
I have a twin brother and an older sister
yeah me too my brother made it for me
and took that picture on holidays this year
thanks I’d say the same about you but I’ve never seen you but if I’m basing it of your personality you’re beautiful
I could say the same about these two identical twins I the other class they literally look the exact same
I wonder how my mom told us apart
yes even though we a completely different like Daniel won’t act crazy unless around friends on the other hand I knocked over a chair while dancing off stage
Are you part off the LGBTQIAP+ community or are you just an ally
also can I ask you something?
you’re gender fluid kool so what’s your pronouns today
I’m bisexual and questioning gender cause I like being referred to as she/her but sometimes it doesn’t feel right
so I think I might be polygamy
but I don’t know
kool with a k
sorry I’m füčkïñg weird
but no one I know ever talked about polygamy so I didn’t even know it existed for years
thanks your cool too 😎
I’m sorry I act crazy it’s just I’m really want to be your friend and I’m probably bugging you
weird question you’ll probably think I’m a baby but what your favorite stuffed toy
also what age are you
it’s nice to have you too I don’t have many friends on here
I’m 12 and my favorite stuffed teddy is a bear covered in hearts
in real life I’ll literally make friends with a person in the bathrooms I’m so talkative
are we good friends
are you there
good night b
hey you up
hey wanna talk
how are you?
I’m stressed
as füćking hełł
I know I’ve been trying to talk to someone all day and there not answering me I know there okay but I don’t know why they won’t answer
anyway what else is going on
I’m also stressed about the fact I think i might be polyamourous
but I think my friends would all think I’m a weirdo because I’m a bisexual,gender questioning mabye polyamourous
I’m pretty sure a girl in my class outed me to all the girls in my class except the boys don’t know
I wanna grab all my closest friends and tell them to come to my room and then jump out of my closet and scream “I’m bisexual!”
I know but for my parents I wanna make a song with some of my best friends and throw glitter and skittles and wearing rainbows and aghgdbdjdkndfjfnfnhcb
I know I’m extreme
it would be so fun
anyway how was your day mine was pîsśy because of what I told you earlier
me to expect pulling my hair out and crying
sorry my internet went off
but I know what you mean
I’m so glad I have someone who gets me
also do you have any tips on how to come out
thanks good advice see you tomorrow have to go to bed night
hey you on
I’m going to school in half an hour but I wanna ya
thanks sorry my phone went dead
what happened did you today?(I’m so bad at English)
holy shït lucky
two of my crushes go to my school
ohh me I was just being my normal fat lazy person
also my mind kept distracting me thinly about my crushes
*and just the benefits of coming out
that’s my handsome brothers flower crown
have you ever shown your face on here?
what age are you?
yes there both my best friends
cool I’m 12.have you made your confirmation?
I’m a füćking catholic Christian because I made babtisim communion conformation but I’m not super religious I believe in God tho and Jesus and that stuff
can I show you the dress I’m wearing to my nephews conformation
what do you think I’m an aesthetic blob?
my internet is a füćker
same so what does your crush look like I say mine if you say yours
mine let’s start with the one I like the most she has brown curly hair(like noodles:))and blue eyes freckles all over average height femme and the second one is blonde hair blue eyes straightish hair tall
no I’m pretty sure there both straight but I hope the brown haired one isn’t and has a crush on me she is so cute and hot at the same time
same I have to go to bed my parents are telling me to get off my phone
Helyo you there besto?
no problem did you have a good day?
ha she’s a bïtćh
I think I came out as poly and bi to a girl I. my class.oopps
she didn’t give a füćk cause she’s bi
and I only found that out
bye 🌈
heylo who there?
hey you there