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Oh my god. I feel so śhíttÿ right now. I'm very very weight conscious and insecure about my body. My parents cooked dinner and I simply asked what was in it. My mom started yelling at me for "interrogating" her. I had to eat the whole thing, it was so many calories, and when I told my mom I felt bad about eating it, she completely belittled me and told me that I didn't deserve to feel that way. I need to talk to someone.
I'm sorry fren,your body is beautiful the way it is;just stay healthy and safe please ♥️
*hugs you*
im so sorry. dont listen to your mother if she says anything about you that you cant help. i know this sound extremely cheesy but youre beautiful no matter what anyone says. and pls stay safe. you dont deserve to be hurt.
My mother does the same thing but you shouldn't listen to her
np :)
No problem🌊
remember to be kind to yourself!
god I'm sorry fren💜I'm positive you're beautiful the way you are and I'm sorry you have to be treated like that. stay strong fren💜stay alive
and take care of yourself because ily
I'm so sorry:( please make sure no matter what you take care of yourself I'm sorry that your mom is being ignorant:(( I can relate though sometimes people get really irritated at me because I'm extremely paranoid about what I eat so just know you aren't alone I'm always here to talk okay?
i'm sorry :( i know dealing with parents in sensitive situations is rough sometimes. it'll be alright ❤️
your account is amazing 💖I bet you're beautiful.Please don't feel bad about your body.I'm 100000% sure that you're flawless,it's just that you haven't realized that yet.And try not to pay too much attention to what your mom says 'cause parents tend to be insensitive sometimes🌹Please don't forget how pretty and amazing you are💞Have a great day🌻
I'm so sorry fren I have never seen you but I'm pretty sure that you are beautiful ❤️ here's a flower (if it makes you feel any better) 🌷
thank you so much fren💜
no need to thank me❤️
I'm sorry fren:( it's never fun when people act that way about it especially when it's your parents let alone your mother and yeah I'm doing okay I guess with the eating it's gotten better which is good because I lost a lot of weight and my doctor was worried but thankfully I've gotten a little better now hopefully it stays that way even though I still have trouble
mentally I still don't feel fantastic but I'm still trying to work out my medication
how's school going? are you excited about summer
thank you pal :)
one of my favorite artists released a new album (the one in the picture)
thank you. I'm really proud of you too and I really mean that and same I feel bitter sweet about summer I hope it goes well for you
not sure if you're religious but I have you in my prayers and I hope the time you have to spend with your mom goes well
no problem:) what's a sleep away camp? I think I've heard of it but I don't know what it is haha and I'm sorry but at least you have that to kinda look forward to
and ugh that's so frustrating I understand completely:(
at least eventually you'll be and adUlt and you can buy your own stuff without getting a lecture
thank you fren💜god, it really was. when I woke up I was like "I really really really really hope that was a dream" cuz it felt so real
thank you haha that's what I'm planing to do:)
I'm sorry my dad does that to me all the time; just remember ur beautiful, stay healthy, stay safe, and don't listen to her ur amazing
thank you, that means a lot 💕
it was so good
yeah i'm feeling much better
thanks, they both went really well haha
I'll try💜thanks fren
i will💜
philadelphia! I've been there a million times but this is gonna be fun cuz it's like a scavenger hunt and we get clues to figure out which historical site we're supposed to go to next and I'm sO eXciTeDd!!!!!
thank you fren!
yeah i had some good times,, thanks :)
actually seeing what it looks like on a wall would actually help a lot haha
thank you ❤️
thank you :)
thank you, everything is fine i just felt gross
I know, they're probably imo one of the best bands out there
wow really? your grandma must be a lovely person
we didn't get to one cuz my brother's friend came and my mom had to make dinner lol
everything is alright i was just feeling sad but i'm okay now, thank you 💕
aw thank you ^-^
I am back now thanks for asking fren! it was okay, I almost cried and I realized that I've only ever heard bad things about my cousin (like how he stole things and was a drug addict) but when I hearing the nice things people said about him, I wish I knew him better even tho I wouldn't have really been able to. it was also nice finally being in an environment where it was acceptable to be sad so yeah it was alright
the open casket was a little weird tho cuz I could not convince myself that he was dead when I saw him in there cuz he really really looked like he was just asleep and that he'd open his eyes at any moment it was weird
oh no, i'm so sorry😢 you are so beautiful and you just need to block stuff like that out sometimes🖤
frick i forgot to do this sorry "don't tell me it's fine, don't tell me i'm wrong because the faker the hope, the faker the song."
you commented on one of my posts saying that ill comment you your lyrics that i got from shuffling my playlist
no problem :)
sorry I couldn't show you my plans got canceled and then I changed
yeah, she's older than me. and thank you, i'll try :)
why have I missed so many of your posts1?1?1? man I've been inactive during the summer
like this one esp is giving me a lot of life rn 😂😂❤️