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The not so poetic update: I don't even know if she got the card and nothing changed when she came home :)
oh this really got me ☹️
this one’s so good 💗💗
that’s so valid!! there’s a piece of me on here that’s so pure and vulnerable that will never see the light of day — and any pc friendship that’s evolved out of here also takes on a very similar tone 😌 ofc, many fizzle out but I always am optimistic that friendships and bonds transcend the art at some point ☺️💝
that being said, omg this prose 😩‼️
this hits so hard :(( & it's beautifully written by the way, you put so many emotions in this, your poems are always masterpieces ♡ @caption: is this actually based on a true story, are you doing okay?? how are you <33
thank you so much!
i hope too!! i'm dying to know who it was haha <33
yeah ofc!! no rush at all anouk <3
also apparently the paragraph I wrote did not end up sending previously 💀
but this prose hits so many buttons. on one hand, I wish ppl happy birthday bc at one point we were close, but for some people it’s starting to feel like their birthday is just an excuse to try and rekindle what used to be
and the conversations are overly chipper for no real reason other than two people trying to force the feeling of closeness when we haven’t been close in years 😩 we wrote with familiarity in birthday cards and in text, yet if I needed someone to lean on in times of need, it wouldn’t be them anymore