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what’s wrong?
for what, if you don’t mind me asking
why would you murder your own mother, people needs some brains
alright I will lol, people need to be more fair though
equality then? it’s almost the same thing right?
where’s that, if you don’t mind me asking, if it makes you feel better I live in Nebraska
make them listen, don’t stop fighting for what’s right, that’s the best advice I can give
what’s wrong?
no, sorry, it may seem unfair, but you should look up to inspirational speakers and they did what they thought was right, they kept fighting
I agree you can do it if you believe, don’t stop fighting! you got this!!,
it’s okay I looked at you conversation with the person above me in the comments account and found the conversation, just remember don’t stop fighting in court, stand up for yourself
I’m sorry 😭🤧
I feel like I made it worse somehow
I know, but I feel like me bringing it up is hard on you, I’m so sorry!💙😭🤧💙
thanks for sharing with me, if you want to change the subject you can, you can ask me as many questions as you like
ok, whatever you think you want to talk about I’m here
np 🖤🖤🦄🖤🖤
😁 I’m always here if you wanna talk 😁
no problem, sometimes talking to someone about your problems makes you feel better
hi thx for the follow!!!
what's wrong
why? what's wrong?