{3/11/19} check comments 
(inspo: _PepperMint_)


{3/11/19} check comments (inspo: _PepperMint_)

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I didn’t put any taylor swift or bts bc y’all know I listen to them on the regular. i also got into a lot more kpop groups :) / anyway i’m...back? (not rly) but i needed something to post SO. as y’all know I haven’t had a consistent posting schedule since like mid 2018. i didn’t want to admit it, but i didn’t feel like editing anymore and I considered deactivating my editing accounts multiple times. I’ve focused my attention on other things lately and editing is a thing of the past [...]
so i honestly think I’m gonna quit editing, most likely forever. i got locked out of my ig editing acc on my phone so it’s not like I can post anymore. i think im gonna leave this account up and come on occasionally to like your posts and stuff but I’m 95% sure I’m never going to make another edit again. tl; dr I don’t have time nor motivation to edit, and I can’t post on my IG editing account so I’ve decided to quit making collages forever. hope y’all understand. 💜
I’m also probably not gonna be able to post this on my ig account (@sunshcneboca) as I was locked out. HOWEVER please find me on wattpad @seesawjoons I’m very active on there if y’all miss me ;)
yassss taylor & ariana! 🤩
all i’ll miss your beautiful posts!! hope to talk to you soon! ♥️
IM SO SORRY ABOUT UR IG :(( thats must really suck and im really sorry that happened
awww i feel like i never got to know u or even talk to u at all.... but im still gonna miss u ok? SO WHENEVER U DECIDE TO COME BACK OR JUST VISIT LET ME KNOW OR JUST SAY HI❤️❤️
hey would you mind telling me how to border your edits?? I’m wondering if you need superimpose but if possible without it, please tell me. Thanks, -simplicity
it’s cause I’m not allowed to get superimpose😂 and if there are any other tips u can give me thank you❤️
when I try to download the frames(cause I haven’t downloaded any) it says download failed make sure your connected to the internet when my WiFi is 3 bars
re/ no problem ☺️
aWWWWW I JUST FOUND YOUUUUUUU:((( bUt okayyyyyyy ❤️❤️
also, I know I’m asking a lot from you but would you mind remixing so emoji stickers and that fan overlay?? Tysm!❤️
thank you soo much!!
I think lots of editors have that phase
thank you so much 💗💗
yes I am a YEE YEE GIRL
thank you💗