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no quite honestly i dont. All God is saying here is that there will be a punishment for your sins. And on judgement day, you will see. God still loves the members and supporters of the lbgtq+ even though they are sinners because EVERYONE sins. I sin on a daily basis and so does everyone else. But God loves us regardless. However all actions have consequences and God looks at all sins equally. Im NOT homophobic, Christians are NOT homophobic, and God is NOT homophobic. we still LOVE those members and want the best for them. Personally i believe the homophobic term should be used for those who say they h8te the members of the lbgtq community and treat them awfully. Thats where i think it should come into play. Because as Christians we’re called to love everyone no matter the sin, because we as Christians sin also.
well you are not a member of the lgbtqia+ so don’t get a say in how the word homophobic is used. why are queèr people being singled out if everyone is a sinñer? example why are there christians calling for quèer people to be ignored or taken out of movies and tv but not people with tattoos?
also the quote above says that your God “detests” me
lets get something straight. im not calling for queèr people to be ignored or taken out of movies. because we all have different beliefs i think its hard for christians to see others constantly sinning but i dont think some of us realize that others dont see it as sinning which is where it can be hurtful. and idk wym abt the tattoos theres nothing wrong with that in my opinion
and God “detests” everyone when they sin. He still loves us but has the right to be angry with us because He’s asked us numerous times not to sin and yet we still do because we’re human.
i dont want to fight with you. i respect you and your account so much. but ive seen your side, and im not homophobic whether you agree with that or not. i still love members of the lbgtq+ and if you disagree with that, then thats okay. i respect your side and all im asking is that you respect mine. i hope we can be friends in the future!❤️
go Queen!