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I love u❤❤
okay sorry my mom got irritated 😩❤️
Y was ur mom pxssed??
she wanted her phone ig baby
should I get dressed?
Oh ok❤
U can get dressed❤
okay❤️ what kinda candy does your mom like?❤️
I’m bringing you Reese’s I just didn’t know if she wanted something ❤️
baaaby you alive? ❤️
M&Ms, kitkats, Hersheys 😂❤❤❤
I’ll bring m&ms and KitKats 😁❤️
regular m&ms? we got both ❤️
I’m bringing you some too so shh😳😁❤️❤️❤️
ima bring two m&ms and two KitKats and 4 Reese’s
She like all of them❤
okay I’ll bring one of each then for m&ms❤️ I’m just bringing four pieces for each but it’s still candy 😁 I can’t bring more without shorty killing me 🤦‍♀️
Shorty's a fat bxtch 😂😘❤❤
ik 😳❤️❤️
okay I’m dressed so whenever your mom is ready I’m good baby❤️ I’ve got the dress ❤️
shhh you should come inside when you get here I’ll show you what shorty did 😳❤️
Ok I will the ❤❤
okay baby❤️
tell me when you guys leave ❤️
Thor wants love baby❤️
My mom told ur mom we'll be over around 9 9:30
okay that’s fine baby my mom doesn’t rly care she’s outside feeding rn ❤️
Ok baby❤
hey baby ima run outside and look for my makeup okay baby❤️
I’ll txt you when I get back in I love you ❤️
Love u to ❤
okay nvm it’s all taped shut and put away 😩
Well shxxt baby I'm sorry❤
it’s fine baby❤️ my mom will get it later when I come over for makeup❤️
hey you guys should come over real quick there’s a new baby horse ❤️❤️ ima go out there for a min or two baby❤️❤️❤️
okay baby❤️
ima go out to the machine shes cuz that’s where the baby is❤️
okay I loves you I’ll txt you when I get in unless you guys show up lol❤️❤️❤️