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omg your so nice! thank u so much for supporting me and trying to understand. well i posted some opinions and ppl started to hate on me
specially this girl offsehun, she was hating on me. i did give everyone a warning, i said “these r my opinions, please respect them, its not hate”
i can make a chatpage to explain everything
^^she wasn’t “hating” but I’m not sure exactly what she was doing
i do think that @seungrice didn’t deserve the hate,I just think it’s bc of the way everything was phrased. some of the things she did was bad,as agreed by many pc users, like commenting “bad” on people’s collages without stating a solid reason. and then there was her saying some idols were ugly and untalented,which ticked off a lot of people, bc idols sacrifice A LOT just to get to where they are today,and it would hurt anyone’s feelings to be told that they were untalented after working so hard to their position. and she was supporting someone (I forgot the name) who had -ràpèd- women, which people were very against. and after @oofsehun made a post making us “aware” of @seungrice , she had a bad reaction to the post, including a hatepage at one point. but mostly I think it’s bc everyone misunderstood everyone 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m guilty of saying some mean things too, so I need to fix that
basically @oofsehun responded to @seungrices opinions which were badly phrased and people took bad too them, like me lol, but then @seungricd started writing nasty comments to oofsehun & made her hate page