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can I be the girl
I’ll remix in a second then
okay I’ll remix now
okay should we start off as strangers or lovers
dirty right ? and what should they’re relationship be ?
yeah ✨strangers ✨
okay dirty ☁️
you can start
how old are they tough
I’m 19
I’ll be 19 too then
*im at the beach surfing with a friend*
* I arrive at the beach wearing a bikini with a oversized shirt over it *
( can we live in Miami)
*i fall off my board but get back on instantly*
* I pace my towel on the sand *
*a wave takes me to the shore a few knots away from you*
* I’m reading a book and I look at you and I smile *
*i look back at you and hold eye contact for a w seconds*
* i quickly look away *
*i grin and go back in the surf and go on a big wave*
* I take of the my shirt and I get into the water *
*i keep on surfing the big waves around and catch glimpses of you from time to time*
* I’m switching *
*i fall off my board again right in front of you*
* I look at you and I look away *
*i look a bit embarrassed but climb back on my board again*
* I get out of the water and I walk back to my towel
*i keep on surfing until I’ve had enough*
* I’m still reading my book and I look up to see you coming out of the water *
*i make eye contact with you again but go with my friends to the little shop by the sea*
* after a few minutes I come walking past the shop to the fruit stalls *
*you see that we’re buying a new board*
* I don’t pay attention to you and I’m buying some fruits *
*my friend points at you smiling evilly and I slap him on the arm*
* i notice you and your friends but I really don’t care *
* I put some fruits on my bag and I walk to a different shop *
*we shop for a while then leave*
* I walk to the best bar in town i and walk to the back and i out my things down *
*we go to his house and leave the surfboard there*
* your friend tells you about the huge parties that happen at my club and that you and your friends should go *
*i tell my friend that I’ll be at one tonight*
~ time of the party ~
*i talking with my friends at one end of the bar*
* the club is right on thr beach it is very busy. Theres people taking shots some are dr**k and theres loud muisic playing and a bunch of people are dancing *
*you arrive and my friend recognises you*
* my working at the bar *
*my friend points at you and we go to the bar*
* I’m busy making drinks *
* my friend asks you for one*
“ here you go “* gives you one *” what does your friend want “
no idea *he looks at mw* what do you want ?
* I lean on the counter *
* and u look at you *
i ... I dunno, what do you recommend ?
“ I like a cold beer “
well a cold beer then *i smile*
* I smile and I wink , I walk to the fridge and I get you one *
*I wait for it and my friend leaves*
“ I saw you surfing today “* I pass you the beer *
was I any good ? *I grab the beer and drink a little*
“ you were okay “
is that good or bad ?
“ both “ * light a cigarette *
you smoke ?
“ time to time ... why “
*takes the cigarette away from you* it’s really bad for you, miss ?...
“ well life is to short “* takes it back from you *
“ so mr what’s your name “* puts the cigarette in my mouth *
Chris *takes the cigarette from you again* and your’s is ?
* I stare at you in a flirty way *”Cati “* takes the cigarette back and puffs out a cloud of smoke *
*coughs when the cloud of smoke reaches me but leans on the counter smirking at you* nice name
* laughs when you cough * “ are you okay mr Chris “
( I posted a new bio )
ye yes of course *smirks*
(yeah I saw it)
* two more ladies come to the back and starts to work *
* the band starts to play loud music *
*I look around and then at you* who owns this bar ?
“ I do “ * I climb over the bar to stand right next to you *
“ do you want to dance “
sure *i smile*
* I grab tie hand and I pull you to the dance floor *
*I chuckle when you grab my hand*
* I start to dance *
*I start to dance as well*
* I see your friend sitting on a couch with other people smoking wëêd and getting high *
*I get a bit uneasy seeing my friend with those people*
* I stop dancing and I see you looking at them *.” wow “
what ?
“ that’s your friend “
yeah ...
* I’m shocked *
“ I thought he was going to be a ã*shole just like you “
hey *I slap you gently on your should*
“ your a hot â*shole “* I smirk
pff g*i chuckle and roll my eyes* and your a pretty hot bartender
“thanks mr Chris “* says in a flirty voice and walks back to the bar *
*I laugh a little and follow you*
* I clim on the counter and I jump of to the over side *
*im still following you*
* I open the fridge and I get a beer *” do you want to go outside
* I jump over the bar and I grab your hand and I walk outside *
*I follow you and hold your hand the whole way*
* we end up on the beach *
*race you to the shore ?
* I take of the shirt and I run into the water *
*I take off mine and you into the water*
* I’m already deep *
*I swim up to you*
* I put my arms around your neck *
what are you doing princess ?
“ must I let go “
nah, I feels pretty good *i smirk*
* I kiss you gently *
*I put my hands on your back and smile into the kiss*
* I put my legs around you *
*I swim around in circles still kissing you*
* I break the kiss and I look into your eyes *
*I look back at you and hold eye ckntact*
* I smile *
did you like that ?
* I nod my head *
*I smile and kiss you again*
* kisses you back heart *
*i kiss you harder*
“ want to go back “
* I hold your hand and I walk to the shore *
* you see you friend and he doesn’t look that good *
what should we do about him ? *nods my head towards my friend.*
* slaps him threw the face and he doesn’t respond *” just take him home “
yeah we should *between the two of us we bring him to my car and we put him in the back seat *
* I tap you on the shoulder * “ well... good luck mate “
heyyy you’re helping
“ I have a club to run.......all he needs food, water and rest ... he will be fine * I smile *
*i roll my eyes* fine ...
“ bye hottie “ * I walk back inside *
bye beautiful *i smile to myself and drive off*
~ the next morning ~
*im at my house working on a project for school*
* I’m still sleeping *
*i go and have breakfast*
* I finally wake up kinda hungover *
*i send you a text*
* I haven’t answered you yet and I make some breakfast *
*the text says hi*
* I check my phone *” het “
wyd ?
nothing much
you comming to the beach today ?
“ yeah see you there “
**at the beach**
* I’m walking to the water *
*i arrive with my friend again*
* I get in the water *
*i spot you and run next to you*
“ oh hey hottie “
hey *i grin*
* I look at your friend * is he fine “
yeah, his mom got mad though
* I start to laugh *” his mom “
yeah *i chuckle*
“ he’s a mommy’s boy “
*I laugh* he tries not to, though
“ whatever “* I walk to the water
*I notice that you’re facing the water and get in it *
“any plans for today “
nope, got nothing
“ don’t have like studying to do or something “
no, i finished my exams last- *my face look like I just saw a monster* f**k the biology exam !
“ when’s your exam “
today !