[ click ]
Collab with the amazing, kind -whiteflowers-
She found the background and quote and
I did the text.
Hope you all like this💛


[ click ] Collab with the amazing, kind -whiteflowers- She found the background and quote and I did the text. Hope you all like this💛

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the text is so beautiful ❤️
aw did you delete our collab?
this is so pretty❤️❤️
okay thanks for letting me know ! i got worried for a second but i know you would never do that 💞 how have you been?
I have the slightest feeling your going to tell me no but this isn’t a games ;) *copy an paste* Hello fellow friend I would really appreciate it if you entered my wallpaper contest :) i would really appreciate it
so beautiful💫💫
I love the text on this!
this is so so beautiful
no problem!
I love what you have done with the text I’ve never seen it before
😱GORGEOUSS💕❤️💖💗✨^and don’t let that meanie get to you. You are awesome and don’t deserve to be hated or told to die💗
do t listen to that stupid exposing page they are very jealous keep your head held high! I love you bunches!!
I love you account! I love this new theme!!! don’t let anyone put you down
i’ve been great too! sorry for the wait i was at the store 😬😂 are you excited for school
another entry to your contest ayyyyye and gorgeous !!!
I love it!!
I love this quote amazing collab
aww thank you! i loved collabing with you and this turned out soo good!! xx
i love your style of collages!! it’s so aesthetic 😂♥️
wowowow this is amazinngggg🤩💕
it rlly isn’t haha thank you anywayyy
I’m kind of nervous but excited too! 😂😂
thank you!!! 💗💗💗
no thank you Razz you’re myinspiration
I look up to you so much. 🤤😘❤️
That hater is just jealous 💞 You deserve to live , dont let them get to you! you mean everything to the people here 😃 this is beautiful by the way !!
ily too
no problem! :)
wow! your collages look awesome!
ok bestie here it is for the collab
so so pretty❤️
And I was hoping we could become close friends, like before. I know times have changed but you were the sweet amazing person who would always stay by my side. I’m so sorry if we don’t often talk anymore. I hope you are ok rn. I haven’t been hearing a lot from you lately. I pray for you and I really hope you r doing well in life. I just really wanted to become close friends with you again.
this is amazing!!!!
TOO BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍 the yellow theme in this is stunninggggg 🤩🤪
beautiful!! :)
also np! :)
so pretty! ❤️