🦋Collab with the amazing Pastel_flowers24! Love this🦋

🐬QOTD-- birthday month?🐬


🐬Tåp🐬 🦋Collab with the amazing Pastel_flowers24! Love this🦋 🐬QOTD-- birthday month?🐬 🦋August!🦋

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AOTD: October
🐧this is Ellie on my extras account!! @bio your sooooooo sweet!!!!!!😘😘😘😘
fam!! I only need 2 more till 200!!!
and my commenting is back!!
Oh poor u! I hate homework😣 (Doesn't everybody?!😂) Luckily I don't get too much😅
love this🌹❤
February mines coming soon and love this to
this is beautiful🙌🏻! how are you today?☺️
maybe Jeffory????
do you want to post the collab now?
what going on with u rn?😇😜
Hey Hannah! You can call me Blue!
I am just doing homework! Wbu?
I can play the piano😂
hey what's up?
That's how I was when I started😂I was the worst kid in my class😂
well I'm just sitting here talking to u and thinkin bout my crush
sure what do u wanna know?? btw I'm Peyton
what do u wanna know bout him?
hmmm cute, nice, kind, caring, he plays sports
his b-day is a moth before mine
maybe I have heard he looks//stares at me sometimes
I hope he does tho
it would be awesome if he did like me
nothing really just reorganizing apps😂
well we don't go till a official middle school for another year or so but.. THIS YEAR IS THE FIRST YEAR WE ARE
I hope we r in the same class next year sooo badly
if I try and talk to him I totally embarrass myself
Will you join my games?
ikr haha😂 I'm Mallarie I like ur name!
kk!! sooo little J for short?
thank u!
hey hannah i can't talk long but if ur online we can chat 4 a little bit!
I'm august too! this is beautiful