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omg welcome back!! how are you doing? 😁
lol, I’m doing good! are you excited for Christmas??
Heyy! Welcome back to pc 😊 i think when you left, i had js joined.. we never rlly got time to get to know eachother, but i would love to now!! Any fun plans for the holidays!?!?
omg heyyyy! welcome back to pc! I never talked to you, but I would love to, and be friends! what is ur plans for Christmas? and my name is Dora btw
but anyway, your collages are amazing!
I missed you so much!!! I hope you had such an AWESOME year !!! How was your summer?!
oh hey! how are you?
was that’s nice
some out of state family came down so I’m celebrating w them! what abt you?
look at my new posts for a chance to win a prize
awww tysm! i forgot to ask, what’s ur name?
and oh! that sounds so fun and exciting!
mine is just basically staying @home and celebrating
but we’re going on a two day trip
Heyyyyy I've been off for about 5 months so I was on break a bit too, it’s nice to see you back on! We should collab sometime
Welcome back! Hru?
awww ur name is so cute
I just thought… do u wanna collab sometime???
i’m good! how are you? and thank you so much, you are so sweet!
hru doin Jennasis
THAT'S AWESOME!! I met so many amazing people! Online and in person 😂 I am SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!! also, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
hey, we haven’t talked before because I’m new but I’d love to get to know you!
yayyyyyy! happy new year☀️
merry Christmas and happy new year
I am going to go w Jenna 😝
love ur new username
hru doing! I’ve missed you!🫶
jennnaaaa hiii
could we be friends?
hey! im good i've just been rlly inactive