🤍7/17/22🤍 [IMPORTANT; TAP] collab with cruel-summer-!! so talented, go follow them!! they did the text and i did the bg💖💖


🤍7/17/22🤍 [IMPORTANT; TAP] collab with cruel-summer-!! so talented, go follow them!! they did the text and i did the bg💖💖 ⚠️CAPTION IN COMMENTS, PLEASE READ⚠️

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⚠️caption: hi guys so i know i have addressed this before but PLEASE give me credit when getting inspiration off of me. i have seen so many collages inspired by me who give credit to the wrong people when i had the original idea, and i know this because i posted the first collage in my preppy theme and people have just been copying it then giving OTHER people who did it the credit. please tell me if you see anybody get inspired and not give credit because i know it was my original idea as NOBODY posted it before me. i’m not being dramatic, only reasonable :) thank you, and love you all! <3
This is so amazing, you too did great!!
I am so sorry this is happening to you, I will tell you if I see anyone doing that
i'm also sorry that this is happening to you!!
awww ty so are you!!
also thanks for telling me abt phonto!! i've been using it a lot 😂
omg so sorry this is happening to you!!! 😢😢😢
I’m sorry if that was me 😓 I don’t know who your referring to! I’ll give a shout-out if you need credit from me!
~I loveeeee this btw!!! SO AMAZING!
Awwwwww your welcome!😊
also this is so cute!! I love the summery colors you always use in your collages!!
TY so is this!! :)
This is stunning & gorgeous! Omg.. I feel so bad for you!! I'm soo so sorry if I was one of the people who did that, I'll check rq if any of my collages is inspired by you!!
Heyy, I just checked & I don't think I would need to give credits but if u think my collages look rly similar to yours & I gave the creds to the wrong ppl just lmk! ❤️ I'm so sorry that this is happening to your again, but I will keep a look out and help you. Have a great day 💕
😍😍😍😍😍 LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!
Btw when is the collaboration post?
🤩🤩 This is so stunning!
Also, I heard you make profile pics, can you please make me one!!
Ofc! 💕
STUNNING!! you’re soooo talented!!💕
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUSSSS AS ALWAYS 🤗 sorry for the non-credit that’s happening. i know a lot of us know that the inspo comes from you :D
thxxxx!! 😊
also can i ask ur name? if not that’s totally fine!
this is my extras
oh thank you!! and omg i love that name
not a problem 😁
tyy I love it!
ok!! Tysm!!! wasn’t sure!
Tysm! 🥰
Tysmmmmmmm!!!!! 😁
aww ty!!
ah, ty😁not too shabby, hbu? i'm finally RLY CLOSE TO 100% BETTER FROM THIS SICKNESS!!
yup, i'm glad to be feeling better. i've been laid up in bed for a whole week and i'm starting to get antsy
yup! i'm normally working out everyday but i havent been able to do so the past week😅i'll be glad to go for runs and get working out again!
oh my gosh this is so gorgeous!!! i love your aesthetic, it’s super bright and fun!
thank you sooooo much you are so kind!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊🤗
this is so pretty!!,
oh my gosh same here joseph just seems so gentle and sweet to his fans 😭💘
aw ty! 💕
aww tysm!
Tysm! and yea, Axolotls are Cute
thank u!
Congrats on the fanpage!
Hi! hru?
this is so prettyyyyyy
yw😊you should be! u deserve every ounce of it!
Thank you!
I’m good ☺️
ooh that’s cool! :D this looks stunning btw
omg reallyyy you should try it some time the drinks are soo good
it’s rlly overpriced tho 😓
YAYYY i’m so glad this motivates you!! you are fr my fav collager everything you post is GORGG