Hi everyone!💕🌷💛 This is a collab with Laura (simple-bliss) fo follow her run she’s amazing!
I got a new iPad and all of my collages disappeared and they weren’t backed up 😭😭😭 so idk what to do!….. 
I’m so sadddd! Anyway hope u like this collage<3
If u guy


Hi everyone!💕🌷💛 This is a collab with Laura (simple-bliss) fo follow her run she’s amazing! I got a new iPad and all of my collages disappeared and they weren’t backed up 😭😭😭 so idk what to do!….. I’m so sadddd! Anyway hope u like this collage<3 If u guy

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caption cont: if you guys have any bgs that fit my theme, pngs and quotes pls remix!! all of my inspo deleted even my collection folder!:((
hope u have a blessed day! 4-28-22
ok!! I can remix some stuff. What are u looking for?
ight um what do you type to find these pictures?
Y’all did awesome
hey I’ll find you some bg’s
Oh that’s really sad 😞
lol ok
ommmggf this is FLAWLESS
my eyes have been blessed
y’all work together so we’ll
oh no!!!!!
that’s so sad
i have no inspiration either
hey Liana!
would you like to do bg or text for our contest collab?
oh yeah ofc!
sorry to hear that you lost everything. that’s happened to me too, it’s no fun 😔 still a stunning collab though!!
i love it! 💛
oh I’m sorry to hear that! maybe if you still had the old iPad you could airdrop them to the new one? ur collages won’t be forgotten, don’t worry! 🤗
Wow! This is stunning!!
And Ty!!!
Oh i get that I lost my phone and none of my other collages made it
Also Good luck!!! I know you'll do amazing!
huh.. that’s odd, let me try again
nope still doesn’t work on my end, sorry :/
aw that’s too bad, and ur welcome 🤗
thank you✨
thank you 💛
This is so pretty!!
hey Liana how are you?
you guys did great
omg im so sorry that happened and also congrats on ur new ipad
awww you too
how are you?
takis? what’s are they? never heard of them... are they only found in America?
I just woke up from a nap after school and I’m ready to start working again! 😐😐
maybe look up a quote from gossip girl?
ahhhh I hope you get a rest!!
I’ll see if I can find them in Walmart or NoFrills 😂😂
that’s still a good amount of time! 😊
this collage is so pretty! love the colors sm
@caption nooo that’s the worst! I’ll check and see if I have anything that’s fits your theme
hey Liana! I am Hannah, nice to meet you! 💞💓
I can remix you a few pngs.. but I’m not sure if they’ll work or not! we’ll see! 😊
that’s so odd.. the pngs weren’t collectible..
I’ll just remix a few bgs instead! 💝🏞
I hope you like them! no credit needed but I’d appreciate it! 💓
great ❤️
This is absolutely gorgeous!!! You guys worked so well together!
of course! and thank you! 💗
yep, I already submitted!
tysm!! this is beautiful!!!
I remixed the text onto the bg. lmk when you’re ready to post it!!
absolutely stunning😍💖
thank you <33
aw Liana!!!
thanks Liana! for now I don’t have like a SET theme, but idk I kinda like floating around and doing my own thing. really makes more room for creativity i think. 💞
ya 😂
no problem!
yeah I wish there were a backup of some sort for collages 😕
so so gorgeous
this is absolutely gorgeous 🤗
ahhh Liana ty!!!
yeah I’d repost it in some days
how are you?
I'm great thank you!😊
Sorry it took me so long to respond, I was on a trip with my family this past week so I was not on my phone at all
your the sweetest!!
It was great thanks for asking!😊
yep! and maybe other ppl just like to have a set theme (like my friend Laura for example) but don’t ever feel pressured to do smtg a certain way! just be you! 💕
amazing wby?
thank you
I always love to help!! 💞
I’m glad it spread positivity, tbh I thought ppl would just look at the cover and not read the words so thanks for doing that hehe!
also, 100TH COMMENT
and hold up ✋🏻 I’ve got sm bgs I need to remix really quick!!
sorry for not sending them before I thought I did.. 🤪
for some reason the pngs aren’t collectible tho.. :(
glad you like them!
thank you! ❤️
great wby?
not really 😆
Awwwwwww thank you!😊
It's that time again: the beginning of a new round! Round three has just been posted, you have until Wednesday, May 18th to enter.
hey Liana wyd? ♥️
wow! I’m in school lunch break... have art after ig! hope your day st school goes well!
yeah it does my school starts at 8:15 it’s pretty early I barley understand anything in the morning
oh why? what courses do you have this semester? I’m just glad I don’t have French this semester
and ahhh good luck on your tests!!! I had a tear in geo and I feel like a failed
Thanks for telling me, had a feeling it was going to be
y’all have orchestra in American schools? omg we only have music in high school
and then drama and art and visual arts (The Arts)
Round 1 has been posted!
aww tysmmm!! I love this!!
thank you so much!! this is also very stunning!!
that sucks!! i love the weekends hahaha!! since im out of school it’s so hard to keep up🥲🥲
ahhhh tysm Liana!! tbh I like both too but the name of Nutella always does something to me that I can’t resist!!! it’s just so tasty 😋
hi how are you?
thank youuuu
Ugh another one of your collages dissapeared 😔
In Spring... May definitely!!
I came home from a cheer competition so I didnt do too much!
What about you!
hiiiii Liana!! pretty sure you’re in school rn 😂😂😂
and yes totally agree 👍
your most recent one :/
it is! my team and i got 2nd out of 100+ teams!!!!
well when you commented before I was in lunch now I’m art class and schools about to end in an hour
learning about the colour theory pretty boring
TYSM!!! 💕
ah what were you learning in period 3
I’m just glad that I don’t have to go to school for the rest of the days and next week Thursday and Friday
state testing... is that some literacy test? or a final exam cuz if it’s a stage test then I’m pretty sure I can make an assumption that you’re somewhere in grade 10 or above
but we do have online school!! maybe a bit lucky atleast I don’t have to see the teachers but yeah it’s off cuz of the literacy tests for the grade 10s
I hope you pass cuz I’ve heard if you don’t pass the literacy test you can’t graduate high school
and I’m scared for grade 10
so good
what you doing?
Ofc you’re gna pass ;)
Um thanks ig? Who is it tho?
aweee ty!!! you’re very sweet too your comments make my day Liana
studying for an exam 😩
aww tysmmmm!!!💕💕
tyyy i’ll need it
OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! you shouldn't have, really!😭😭❤️you're always so kind and sweet to me, i'm really glad i met you here on pc! <3💘🥰
Ty :) I will stay away