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sorry i just noticed i wasn’t following you .. 😕
it’s fine but that girl don’t know what she’s talking bout
I swear to god how are you so pretty
yeah I get it it's ok
ok I totally get that feeling😂 but she's 12😕 even if she is the most stupid 12 year old in the history of 12 year olds, we still gotta be kind
she's asking to get raped?!
*ahem* EXUSE me?
oh god that's disgusting😳 also age doesn't have anything to do with understanding things. it's just maturity and intelligence. pls don't say things like "you'll understand when your older" to me bc that rly makes me angry😕✌🏼️🙃
it's fine just don't bring up my age. I get bullied a lot and it's a sensitive subject
um exuse me? age again! age doesn't matter, just intelligence and maturity and I have both so ha
ur fine
like what
oh ok
well I understand more than you think I do (my dad is physically and emotionally abusive) so pls don't underestimate me😑💜
nah it's not your fault but thx💜
yeah, thx😉💜
we're you abused too
aw thx
Hey Blu! I love your hair!☺️
ahhhhh that is my mothers name 😂😩 and I hope everything goes well