Day one | 05/15/2017 (...)
||if someone says 'hope dies the last' i'm the kind of person who says 'but it dies'... Jocie is my other side, she would always stay positive||


Day one | 05/15/2017 (...) ||if someone says 'hope dies the last' i'm the kind of person who says 'but it dies'... Jocie is my other side, she would always stay positive|| ✨Ariella✨

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inspirational! 😉
wanna be friends?
let's make a chat page! you seem cool tbh
yes! let's start the chat page!
yr really good
I love this collage💙💜
This is amazing!
This is stunning!!!😁
aahhhhhah gorgeous❤️❤️❤️
so are you 😍🔥 this is amazing
this is amazing! you are truly inspiring!
make more of these
This is AMAZING!!!😍😍😍
aww, thank you so much ! 😌🌿💐 this collage is amazing, btw ! ✨ | xx
Beautiful!! 💜💙
B E A U T I F U L ☺💐💕 || xx
Want to be frens? My name is Izzy 😊💐💕 || xx
its beatiful! 💖
WOAHHHH this is amazing!! Is this ur first account?? 😱💞👌🌿👏🏼👏🏼
ok! I'm Zoe and I'm 13. if you want to know what I look like, go to my page and go to the responses section and scroll down a few collages and you'll see me
no problem! this collage has almost gotten to 100 likes!
lol thanks😂 and it's ok to call me that😂😂😂
hello 💕✨
This is so stunning!😍😃
Hey Ariella☺️💕💐I'm 12, this collage is stunning😱💗
no😂not at all, pc is for everyone😍what's your sisters username?
gorgeous!!!!!! your so talented!💖
✨ok cool😂😂😂
oh thats grand!!!!!💕
hate that!!! I don't have one either...! but at my stables I ride some gorgeous ponies and horses!!! have you ever ridden bare back???
annnd do you ride English or Western?
bare back is AMAZING!!!!
I ride English too!!! and I love Cross Country! my stable have a small course! do you ride professionally at shows???
yeah, I've never done shows before (well I've had small ones at the yard!) and how high have you jumped??? and what's the biggest horse you've ever ridden?
^i ask too many questions!^
ok but what should I call ya?😂😂😂hbu give me ideas and I'll pick one or I'll just think long and hard....🤔🤔🤔
Depends🤔Who's your sister?🍃💐Yea, I am Blue!🐳🐳
my name's kyla, and i'm 14☺️🍃
yesss ok so umm.. what's ur favorite color.? ahhhah idk sorry i'm an awkward lil bean😂😂
I just turned 12 today 😊
Sure! My real name is Abigail
Oh and I love flowers and the sunshine haha 🌷☀️🤗
By the way, this edit is literally gorgeous
thank you so much! You are so sweet
hi Arielle, 💕I'm Lexi and I'm 11. 😆
your REALLY good btw' 😉💕😊
TYSM!!! 😘😘😘😘💕💕💕
yeah I really love your name!
💐🍃OH YEA!!! That's me! I love Emmi she is so nice! It's amazing that I get to meet her sister!! What can I call you?🤔🍃💐
Did you want to me call you Arielle or something different?🤔
hello I'm having an icon contest and I would really appreciate it if you entered 😉
*Or I can call you Ariella😂Sorry autocorrect
np! yes, I'd love to get to know each other better!
Hey! I'm Sophia and I'm 14 :))))) 💕
amazing 💕
Hey! How are you?
thanks for fallowing me
hey Ariella! amazing collage!!💕💕 and do you know why Emmi hasn't posted for June or been on lately?
sure! hey ariella❤️
pls post more 💓😂
have you ever seen the show cosmos
this is amazing!!!😱✨🌿 you are super talented!!!
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ahhh so aesthetic!☺️💓💕
p r e t t y ! 😊