i’m BACK! tap!
Hey so a *lot* has happened since I’ve last been on, if you care, check the comments (i’ll be ranting). Hey-happy 2K19 PC!! I hope to be more active this year than i was this winter *shudders*


i’m BACK! tap! Hey so a *lot* has happened since I’ve last been on, if you care, check the comments (i’ll be ranting). Hey-happy 2K19 PC!! I hope to be more active this year than i was this winter *shudders*

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So if you’ve been following my rants about my life, my theatre department at school has been a little iffy lately. That is to say-our teacher isn’t the greatest and he is very temperamental. I won’t go into specifics, but remember in Hamilton where he says “here’s an itemized list of thirty years of disagreements?” Yeah. That.
So our big school musical had auditions and was cast recently (I tried to make a collage about it, but it kept hitting pending). I was cast as Elizaveta Grushinskaya, a “fabled ballerina.” Like, what? I’m okay at singing and acting but i can’t dance. Like at ALL. And she’s the romantic lead! I’m short and innocent and i’m normally cast as like the little kids. So that was a shocker. Not only am I now trying to learn ballet and a French accent, but I’m going to get my first kiss for this show!! Yikes. If you have any pointers send them my way haha. Well that’s certainly interesting. The teacher even called my parents (and the guy’s parents) about the kiss so now my dad won’t leave the guy alone. So that’s interesting. Our shows are on January 24, 25, 26 so I’m in frantic “oh gosh I’m a lead aren’t I” mode right now!
Additionally, the wonderful HOUSTON TEXANS am i right
That’s all I’ll say about the Texans, because I RANT, but this Saturday will be fun for me what with the Texans game AND a rehearsal for the musical.
I’m currently on winter break and it’s GREAT! I’d love to hear all about your break, PC!
ok so I saw your comment on @theotherside’s post about you listening to BMC and asdfghsgfgsg iT’S SO GOOD RIGHT
ayyyyeeeeee I FOUND MY PEOPLE
^^^ I rant too fren
:) what’s your favourite musical? mine is probably Hamilton (because I’m basic) or heathers
ok in my school every year (I think you call them grades in America? whatever in my school they’re called years) has a big production, normally it’s a musical, aND IM PRAYING WE GET THE GREATEST SHOWMAN (normally it’s a Disney movie)
ooh probably Phillip, idk why but i always prefer the male roles over the female
wanna be friends?💓💞💘my name’s Mayra what’s yours?😜🤪😝I’m Canadian❤️🇨🇦🌹where are you from?💚💜💛your account is absolutely stunning😍😘🥰I’m also only in grade 7🤗😉😊
hoping the rams win tonight! I’m assuming you are too 😂
yikes the rams kicker rlly blew it😬
OMGGGG that’s crazyyyyy!!!! and yea the game was rlly disappointing🙃 but u didn’t miss anything last night 😂 it was super boringgg
look at my page
ok so I remember you telling me that mean girls the musical is great and I listened to it anD HOLY FRICK IT’S SO GOOD
hehehe thank youuuuuu :)))
lol I tried to look up a mean girls bootleg but I got a heathers bootleg instead :) (not that I’m complaining)
lol me and my sis were texting each other references... non-stop ;)
ooooh which musical?
so one time we were doing a production of “The Lion King” and I was Ed (the hyena) and my laugh was so high pitched (it was supposed to sound crazy...I think I pulled it off?) and so loud the feedback from the mic hurt everyone’s ears
ohhhhh yeah I knew you were doing that I just thought it was for a past musical 😅
yes please :) I’m praying that we get a goOd musical for our yearly production aND I’m praying it’s a musical that I’m in the fandom of
oh my god that is long and sounds traumatic
not really :/ but one time we were practising and I had to do a forward roll and I hurt my head
ok, so I had to do a super high laugh aND I pretty much destroyed everyone’s eardrums and once my wig (flew) almost fell off and my costume broke on the day we were performing
so this might not be a theatre story but more like, a “being musical trash story”? aight so one day my year was on a residential trip and my and my friend got separated and she said: “I’ll see you on the other side” (not really) really dramatically and I said “I’ll see you on the other side of the war” and at that point she lost all sanity with my references since I was making them for the entire trip
thx for following me