its (tap)


its (tap) hannah hereee

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ooh hope you have fun hannah!! and omg that's so cute- I'm happy for you, that's great he hugged you 💕✨️
ooh ur so lucky! and stargazing? ok plzzz take me with uuuu 😂
get some sleep and eeeeee ur so lucky and i’m so happy ur crush hugged u 😭
also the songs daddy issues and je te laisserai des mots are 👍
so how have you been?
and @bio yayyyyyyyyyyy
yup, australia is like a country and continent itself
AHHHHHHH 😭 from behind? side hug, front hug? tell meeeee
…no i haven’t actually…i don’t like conan grey
ohhh I hope you had fun fishing! I love fishing, although I’ve only been like three times 🥲
ya i’m good! i’m so pumped i’ve got a dance concert today!!!!
omg that’s so cool we have some of the same interests(well.. one of them!😂) but hru!???
i am so sorry :/
awwww that’s so sweet!
and guess what? i got a dance award!!! :ooo
ooh, that idea sounds so bad it’s good lol-
and get someeee sleeppppp girl you need it <3
exactly bro this app is SOOO DRYYYY and plus its underrated
I hope the test goes well! this all sounds so fun!!