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*Licks this child of god*
;3; Hmmmmmm...........Till Sebastian stops being a crippled which is never so uwu
*Licks him everywhere wink wink JK😂* Sebastian: *^* that’s my job
x3 Sebastian: *^*
Ash neither Sebastian or Me wanna lick you Sebastian: That would be awkward to lick you ash when I’m dating Jeremiah...
Rip xD *Gives you coffee* Sebastian: *Smiles* ONLY ME :D
Welcome Sebastian: *Stands up wobbling and Hugs Jeremiah Crying In joy* Oh I love you
Sebastian: *Holding onto him tightly* I feel know more of me than I do of you....
Sebastian: Anything you want me to know
Sebastian: *Smiles* Lets start with easy questions then. UwU many people like Ollie
Sebastian: weaknesses
Sebastian: Why not *chuckles a bit*
Sebastian: Okay well um strengths?
Sebastian: oh I thought that was easy sorry.....I’m favorite color
Sebastian: Mine is sunset you ask a question now
Sebastian: I like homemade ramen not spicy kind though my mouth is too sensitive for spicy food hbu
Sebastian: *Getting a bit hungry now* Lets go out to eat honey *Smiles*
Sebastian: Anywhere you want
Sebastian: Okay then follow me *in wheelchair heading to restaurant place*
Sebastian: *Goes inside* Its a really nice place to eat you can even get your stake you wanted (totally forgot how to spell the food Jeremiah likes xD)
Sebastian: *Having hard time catching his breath from pushing his wheelchair* And they are very nice people
Sebastian: *Catching His Breath before answering* anything you want since I choose this *Smiles*
Sebastian: Is that really what you want....? or is because of me...
Sebastian: Okay then *Orders the food*
Sebastian: *Holds Jeremiah’s hand* I love you so much
Sebastian: *Frowns a bit and lets go of his hand while the food is being set down*
Sebastian: You don’t seem happy with me...
Sebastian: So can a lot of reasons why....
Sebastian: Cause I’m crippled and I can’t do much like you ;-;
Sebastian: *Eating his soup and shrugs*
Sebastian: Are you sure you are happy....*Looking down*
Sebastian: Then why don’t you ever seem seem so upset...
Sebastian: I wish you would for kinda make feel like I’m nothing but a crippled in a chair
Sebastian: I love you! I show feelings if I didn’t love you do you really think I would be here right now do you think that I would be trying to walk and things *Leaves the place crying* (UwU)
Sebastian: Then what did you mean Jeremiah *Stops and looks at him*
Sebastian: ....*Looks down*....
Sebastian: *Starts crying people walking by and looking at them*
Sebastian: I AM HAPPY WITH YOU JEREMIAH *tackles to the ground roughly kissing him* I am I am I am....*Hugging Him tightly burying his face into his chest* Your the first person I ever been close too and I never been in a relationship and I’m trying so hard to stay with you because I never felt this free or anything in my life and I want you to feel the same way I feel
Sebastian: *Nods Holding onto to Jeremiah tightly*
Sebastian: *Gives Jeremiah a gift*
Sebastian: open it
Sebastian: You will like it hopefully
Sebastian: *Smiles at Jeremiah in the box is a promise ring with rose design craved into it*
Sebastian: *Smiling And Kisses Jeremiah’s cheek* I love you *Doesn’t have a wheelchair today*
Sebastian: *Holding Crutches* I have these today to help me learn to walk better
Sebastian: Okay so do you like
Sebastian: *smiles* YAY
Sebastian: For how I acted the other day and because I hope someday we can get married *Looks down Blushing* that’s why
Sebastian: But it’s a promise ring babe it means you promise to be there’s
Sebastian: *Hugs him tightly* I LOVE YOU
Sebastian: *Smiling And yawns*
Sebastian: Yes please