This is something new to me when it comes to posting. I want to hear what y’all think in the comments👇🏻 The end of the post says “I love y’all & thank you for reading this💕” If you have any questions feel free to ask😊


Tap❤️ This is something new to me when it comes to posting. I want to hear what y’all think in the comments👇🏻 The end of the post says “I love y’all & thank you for reading this💕” If you have any questions feel free to ask😊

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can u do it in black plz I can't rlly see ❤️❤️
I support the LGBTQ+ community, but however I have no religious beliefs so I see nothing wrong with. I will not hate on you for having these opinions because everyone has opinions. I’m deciding that I’m going to respect your opinions and I hope you respect mine. I have nothing against you or anything against your beliefs.
all of it, like how do you do it?
lol I support the LGBTQ+ community cuz I’m apart of it, but I’m completely fine with u having these opinions. I’m happy that u aren’t the type that like makes threats and hates on us, and I jhope u don’t mind me liking ur posts or mind my account 💜✌️😂☺️
thx love
You know what? I will. Im going to book an appointment. thank you so much. I’ll tell you how it goes soon. 😭💙
amen sister
I agree with you completely! Also I’m really glad you posted about this! It helps me to see someone who agrees about the same thing💜😊
wanna collab?!
me too😀
Agreed completely 💘
But it is REALLY hard to see
Even with my contacts in
sure :) I would rather do text if its okay ♥️ what theme?
I’ll do background and quote
sure! give me a quote and background and we’ll be good haha
agreed completely!!!!
okay, but it doesn’t matter what you think. you can think male was meant to love female, and vice versa. but that means your incorrect. you can’t fake love, I don’t fake that I love females & males in the same way. that’s just not how it works.
ur acc is amazing!💕
i personally don’t think that people attracted to the opposite gender are doing that voluntarily, I think they are genuinely happy together. I believe that love is love, and that love doesn’t have a religion🌈💕(not attacking ur religion btw😂)
I agree with you in some ways and have learned to become accustomed to your perspective as I was raised in a Catholic family. I myself am not a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but I do support it in some ways. I think that love is love and it can not be changed, and it should be supported as far as allowing people to follow their heart regardless of your personal opinion (not trying to accuse you). Anyways I hope you understand my opinion and that I am not trying to accuse you of lying.
my only thing is God made them that way. like I’m Catholic which is a real Christian (actually founded by Jesus unlike the denominations) and I believe that God knew everyone before they came into the world. he actually designed them. and to me that means he designed them to be LGBTQ+. idk, that’s just how I honk of it.
I hate autocorrect sometimes
that is true, but idk, that’s just how it plays in my mind. Like god knows our entire life plan and he technically could change it if he wanted to.
but he doesn’t
well yeah, I just think everything is for a reason, so there must be some point, or some outcome to LGBTQ+ so it has to happen anyway. why not just support it? why be so negative towards them? (not talking about you personally. just in general, most people are negative towards it.) Like Nothing is here just because. Adam and Eve sinned so Jesus could save us, and we could become closer to God. If they hadn’t sinned, we would all be perfect and we wouldn’t learn lessons or anything.
but like you said, it will still happen by someone else. so even if you didn’t steal something, someone else would. you can’t prevent it no matter how hard you try. and as long as everything turns out okay. actually I’m just kinda done rn. like I’m really depressed and I don’t feel like continuing this discussion. sorry. it has nothing to do with you.
God made them that way though. God sends everyone here for a reason/purpose, he sent LGBT’s here knowing that they would be part of that community. Although the Bible goes against these people, God didnt write it himself, did he? I personally am not so sure abt the Bible. Just bc we have mutually come to the conclusion that its the word of God doesn’t mean it rlly is. It is the writings of ppl who may have known him, but it’s THEIR perception of things, which may not be God’s way he wanted the Bible written. We as human beings may never know the truth until Christ comes again. The Bible is old and let’s be honest.. different vErSiOnS of the Bible? cmon ppl. If they’re all saying different things how do we know which one to live by? And what? Just because our church tells us that the Bible is the word of God automatically means we should just trust it????? This is what I believe and will always believe. 😊 Thanks for reading! i mean if u did..😂
omg sorry it was so long
I just saw this, and I understand how you feel—and I’ve thought about this too. but for me, I believe that it’s not what God has intended, but lgbtq people exist and they are human, and you should treat them as such. I believe that standing up for any kind of human rights (whether it’s feminism, racial, or gay rights). There are some things that religion overpowers, but there are some situations where you have to decide what you think is right, regardless of religion. Also, the Bible is flawed in some ways...like, for example, the amount of SEXISM and PREJUDICE in there is kind of shocking, I mean, the church can continue to improve and in the end, God love all of us equally, no matter who we love.
I’m sorry but I disagree. ThE dēVïL tEmPTiNG tHeM is complete crãp. I’m sorry it just is. It’s their personal relationship with God, not with the devil lol.
Sorry if that sounded rude.
I didn’t mean to
lol no
They don’t just “wake up” and say that. They have always been that way. Their entire lives they have always been LGBT. I don’t think that u understand that they didn’t CHOOSE to be LGBT. They were always meant to be part of that community.
And again, I wasn’t trying to sound rude so calm down
I was saying that I think that general idea is crãp, not just everything your saying. I just think that general idea is crãp.
or they’re no
But they didn’t choose any of it. It’s just a natural feeling
Idk I’m not Sherlock calm down. And btw the verse where it mentions homosexuality is only in one version of the Bible and so how do u know which one to trust? Thats exactly the problem. Lol the word “homosexuality” wasn’t even a word thousands of years ago.
The Bible’s been changed too much, it’s not even Gods word anymore
no it wasn’t. And EXACTLY how DO u know that it’s true or not? We don’t. We don’t know which one is true. And let’s be honest... If your parents were to change religions so would you. It’s just the way of the world. How we were raised. Ugh. Idk if I wanna keep having this convo because we aren’t gonna get anywhere and I bet both of us could keep taking for hours. lol well it was fun. Thx for talking to me..😂
ok then..... whatever you say.
i agree completely with the person right above me. how do you feel about conversion therapy?
lol they aren’t being tempted by the devil. That’s a little weird I think that..... I’m kinda concerned. But hey, freedom of speech :)
*u think that* lol not *i*.. I wouldn’t think that
how havent you heard of conversion therapy???? look it up lol
nope. "mental health professionals resorted to extreme measures such as institutionalization, castration, and electroconvulsive shock therapy to try to stop people from being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT)."
okay so i'll ask again, what do you think about conversion therapy?
I just want to say...I literally love this so much. I am so tired of all these LGBTQ posts all around PC....most of them saying “I hate it when people hate on members of the LGBTQ community!” but then-surprise, surprise!- those SAME PEOPLE turn around and hate on people that don’t agree with their views. I scrolled through some comments on this post and it stunned me how much hate you got. stay strong, and remember that you have done NOTHING wrong. you have stood up for your opinions, your views. Sorry if I’m repeating myself, but I hate it when people are so against hate but they hate on Christians, calling them “homophobic” and saying awful things, calling them awful names. Thank you so much! You’ve inspired me
@-lavender mornings-^^😂😂💀
Hey, i used to go to a private school and i am christian too. Recently i learned that i am bisexual and i am scared to come out because of how my family and friends would react. i truly respect your opinion because a few years ago i kinda felt the way you do. but now whenever i see people saying that how i feel is wrong just makes me feel scared so i hide my feeling and choose to only show more feeling for guys. it’s okay if you don’t respect how i feel, i just want to say how coming from the LGBTQ+ community, i understand where you come from and i know what you mean. but i remember learning god to love everyone, no matter who you are...that’s all :)
God made us, he can see the future. So, if he doesn’t like how we are, then why didn’t he change it? God saw this coming and didn’t change it. He loves us no matter what. Plus, how do you know it’s the devil? Are you God? No. Are you Jesus? No. So, yeah. I’m done with my rant now.
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👏 you took the words out of my mouth
Ik I’m a little late lol ...but I’m Jewish and we also do not believe in lgbtq+ .....but because we’re all different and this is what’s happening now we still have to respect EVERYONE cause god created us all
I feel like saying that the devil is leading them astray is not entirely correct. that’s saying that they have to live in a life where they restrict themselves to your wants, or what you think is right? there is no truly right or wrong in this world. it is your perception of it. you might think it is wrong, but others might think that you are wrong and you were corrupted by religion and your thoughts as well. I really don’t think that you get to judge, or say that the devil led them astray when you’re not the lgbtq+ and their struggle for acceptance.
*and you never experienced their struggle for acceptance
yaass I agree with u completely! and I was looking through the comments and saw so many people saying that they agreed and I was like wow. it really helps seeing that