things will get better

(i think)


... things will get better (i think)

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words cannot explain how much I love this, it’s so beautifully written. dude, things WILL get better
this is amazing I love it
aldlcldskfjfmd your poems all hit hard🥺
^^^same I can’t express how much I love your writing // and I promise it will get better, just hold on a little longer. it’s totally valid to feel this way and you are so strong for dealing with all of it❤️
^^^fûçkînggg preach
but like this is seriously so well written and real and raw and amazing
god this is so wonderfully written I love it so much
re: the popular one of the weirdo losers
no problem:) also i’ve been pretty busy so i haven’t really been able to work on our collab but i’ll def finish it sometime this week
Thank you so much💓
tysm! I got the xr:)