Which YouTuber(s) do you watch let me know in the comments


✨CLICK✨ Which YouTuber(s) do you watch let me know in the comments

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thanks for the support, BTW luv unicorns 💗
the collage I made was just galaxy with a pic of a cat and sparkles and stars
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np btw I've been watching victorious like for 2 days and I'm already almost done with arson 2😂😂
i like your icon did you do it
wait sry just checked so one else did it :))) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😝😝😝
omg sry if the sounded rude not trying to😂😭😭😭
the icon u asked for is ready!!
you did not tell me if u liked the icons I made you😖
oh yay 😊😊😊
check out my new theme 💙💦💎🐬🐳
You know what? PC has the most hateful users!😂💜💞😭😭. I've noticed that the people who are defending the users that are getting hate also use ugly words and threat the hate pages😭😭😖. Im not saying that hate pages are GOOD im saying that everyone is hating on everyone on pc!!! . Maybe the person who is doing the hate page is going through a lot and the ✌🏻️Nice✌🏻️ people defending the user say bad words, threats, and even more 😖💧. Its okay to say "pls stop" or "pls delete this acc its very mean" but saying things like "weres that bîšh im gonna cut her up she dosen't mess with my boo" (i actually saw someone say that on a hp). Oh and i know people on pc (even the most popular peeps) say "someone hacked into my acc" or they do a hate page on themselves for attention trust me i know 😂😂😂😂so dont do that bc thats just messed up :(((. So spread the word #Stopthehate and if you see a hate page dont say hurtful words and if the hp does then well idk. Comment "🌏" if u read all of this thx so much if u did ~ Ophelia / Lauren /Lia 🌸
Dan and Phil, Zoella, Allfie,Joe sugg, Casper Lee,Marcus Butler 💕✨🤗 I could go on forever😂
I found PC because of my BFF . My fave movie is .... umm Cat in the hat I still love it lol😂
thanks for the spam! 😋❤️ love your acc also 💘✨🌺💦
thank you! 💓✨🍉
Ty!! 💖 xx
thanx for all the likes!😊❤️
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