💭30.7.21 💭

THIS WHOLESOME SONG HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD OMG had to get it out lol, another inspo was this anime called “words bubble up like soda pop” yes it’s 12 am and i have sch tmr and i’m making a collage in the dark what about it❗️ 
capt cont. ⬇


💭30.7.21 💭 THIS WHOLESOME SONG HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD OMG had to get it out lol, another inspo was this anime called “words bubble up like soda pop” yes it’s 12 am and i have sch tmr and i’m making a collage in the dark what about it❗️ capt cont. ⬇

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qotd: how have u guys been doing?? i think this is a contest entry
also yes this is very simple but i’m busy n i need to sleep so more complex collages will have to wait
yeah it was a convo with someone close to me 😌 I was telling them how I felt abt being out and doing things :))
this is so amazinfgggg
This looks so cute!! The colours and the pngs all fit so nicely together 💕
ooO, this is adorable!! I love the style and the palette :0 aLSO GO TO SLEEP DONT STAY UP LAATTEE- (I say as I stayed up till 3am yesterday-) @caption I’ve been alright, embarrassed myself at work yesterday hdgshsgsgd but I’m seeing family for the next few weeks which I’m lookin forward to :]] how have you been :00
re//: saME- my conversations with irl friend recently have been one us just sending a meme in the group chat, everyone comments on it and then we wait for the next one in a few days time. I only ever really have deep, in depth convos with online friends like you and about three others-
duUDE IKR- found out today that if a reel has a tiktok watermark (reposted from tiktok) or if it mentions tiktok then the reel is ‘shadowed’ by the algorithm, meaning it doesn’t get shared and companies/artists who rely on that for customers suffer- like I like reels, they’re pretty cool, but for me instagram is a photo sharing site, if I wanted to see long videos I’d use tiktok (which I won’t bc I häte the app and don’t trust it pfF- but that’s the way it should be) what’s it gonna do next, make text posts like twitter?? ohgod please no-
yea!! there’s some shortened lore vids, look on Quackity’s second channel (quackitwo) for the start of the nation, and then on Charlie’s channel (slmccl) for the rest of it like how he joined Las Nevadas and got Punz to. I can agree tho, the vods as so long, I often just listen to them in the background while I do stuff. I know they’re talked bad about all the time. but clips channels can be helpful, they’ll post like five minutea of lore from a vod which gives a good idea of what’s happening
oh ya! techno went to visit dream in prison and ended up getting stuck in there. in his last stream they started breaking the obsidian in an attempt to get out, then the stream ended. mhm, I get that, I see things and I get confused whether it’s lore or not. if you need help clarifying or if the post doesn’t say non-canon then you can always as me, I’d be glad to try and help :0 (can’t promise anything tho, I’m still trying to catch up myself lmaø-)
ohh dude,, quackity is a HUGE part of the lore right now, he and wilbur are kinda leading it rn- yesS, you should! definitely watch tgttosawaf from his pov, he pulls a big brain play using the map lol- I’ve watched Quackity’s winners pov and am trying to watch phil’s, then maybe I’ll watch jack’s. like I said I just watch them in the background while drawing or writing qwq
this is stunning
love the colours
and the bubbles ‼️‼️‼️
oh okay
wAit, you didn’t know Ranboo is currently in the uk with Tubbo or that they’re platonic husbands in lore.? because yes to both of those loL- and wait, do you mean how did tommy dïe and get revived? I don’t think tubbo died recently, his last death was during the red festival waayy back when Schaltt was still president
I wanted to say that it’s no rush. u don’t have to enter now.
because I understand that u r busy with ur exams and mine are starting next week so my activity on pc is gonna be like 📉📉📉
I just wanted to remind the others but then agn remind u just so u won’t forget
only one entry is allowed so feel free to change ur entry when ur free
if u need an extension feel free to ask too
Aw thank you so much!
dude idek how I made it, I’m so proud of it but idek what I was doing half the time💀💀
I loveee this! So colorful!
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@caption ooo I’ve been meaning to watch it, it looks so good haha
✨💗!!!Come check out the recant post!!!💗✨
The time has come! I am finally hosting a contest. Come to my page to check it out! I’m so freaking exciteddd, thank you for your time 🙇‍♂️🐸Flying_Frogs
im gonna try and watch it tonight ahh
you’re spoiling me😩😩
bestie stop complimenting me ilysm but STOPP🧍‍♀️✋
re//: yeA- my schedule has become uH,,, bad- duDe the end of the hose fell off and it was like a jet that went all over me in front of a bunch of people and I was standing there dripping an panicking like what the fRick do I do- fdFDFDFD- the worse thing was that I didn’t have any spare clothing, so I had to wear soaking clothes all day hhh, it wasn’t too bad afterwards but I brUh I felt so embarrassed waaA
I knoW- we used to do that, but I don’t go to the same school as them anymore so we never talk about hw, and if we do I’m just sat there confused— one friend asked in it yesterday if we wanted to meet up so the chat has been somewhat revived lol, I wonder how long it’ll last-
aw, I’m sorry you freaked out about that, I’m sure you did great tho!! and yoO, that’s so pog! I wanna get mine cüt so bad but I get so anxious about it, every time I go to I panic and change my mind, plus I can’t settle on how I want it hdhhdhdhd- oh wouldn’t it be I got my hair cüt instead? or I went to get my hair cüt.? smth like that
I think it’s so people who have insta and post photos there won’t use tiktok, they’ll use insta instead but I don’t see how that’ll work. they’re all just copying off of each other and I don’t understand why it’s hurting my heaD I already don’t know how to use insta- I lITERALLY ONLY USE IT TO KEEP IN CONTACT WITH FRIENDS LOL, it banned me two days ago because I suddenly commented on a friends post and was like ‘huh you never normally comment hahaha you must be a bot or smth’ like nnnNO IM REAL I PROMISE HDHDHD-
mhmhm, yea, I try and catch up with lore whenever I can, techno’s lore is one of the most interesting to me but yeA he streams like once in a blue moon :’’’’)
and yea, tubbo was kïlled by techno and is on his last canonic life I believe- tommy was kïlled by dream when he broke into the prison but dream revived him, just before he revived wilbur
but I understand lol, I haven’t watched tommy’s revival because everyone just exploded talking about it as soon as it happened and I was like ‘bruh no point watching two hour long streams’ lol
yess I did !! it was so cute and wholesome omg
and the color palette 😳😳 it was so good ahaaggahg
oh also I just remixed the five bg/pictures from your contest prize :)
ack thank youu
you’re too cute
thank you! ❤️
i love the different fonts !!
omg it’s okay
I’m on a break rn
so I wasn’t online either