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gahhhhhh tellll meee who are youuuu crushing on ?.?.
*smiles and grabs ur hand and walks with you*
aw man , i need to know * smiles*
no it’s okay *smiles and lets go of your hand , getting in the car* thank hun <3
*looks at you, with one of my eyebrow raised* just show me hun
oohhhhhh okayyyy *smiles and looks at you*
*looks at you and gets out the car , not knowing what’s happening * *kisses you and pulls away* yes that does answer my question
ahhh don’t sweat it , don’t blush *looks at you and then gets in the car*
*looks at the time on my phone*
i want a hamburger make sure it’s the protein style and fries please
hey I’m Ashley
on this one guy i’ve been talking to, oh he’s the most sweetest person ever..he makes me happy,
*gets the food and looks at you blushing a bit*
hi hi
His name start with an ‘o’ and ends with a ‘ n’ picnics are my favorite!
*smiles and takes you hand as i get out the car*
*smiles and helps you out* *sits and pats the blanket*
boo 👻
*smiles and gets my hamburger and takes a bite*
tyyy bubbs
*eats my food*
*looks at you when we finish and lays down looking at the sky*
hiiiiiii my luv how are you??? i miss you so much i wanna cuddle 🥰🥺
^Owen come backk i miss you..
hi bubba i left that ^ account for a while and decided to join Kaylee’s account which is this one<333 i miss you so so soooo much and i love you babes❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
hey cutie I’m Natalie
miss you owen
sorry i have so much energy rn lol
okay okay good
hey owen just wanted to warn you that someone made a fake acc of me (@noteemextraprofile)
hi owen its ashley i miss you pls be on bubs
hi baby how are you 🫶🏼
hi if your looking for ashley she on this account
baby, it me ashley it been one whole year :( i missed you please come back, i really miss you</3
hii owen, baby !! omg i missed you ❤
hi baby, i miss you - ashley