Hey gùys, I have a 101 fevèr and hígh urgès!!! Oh I fùcking love lífe, don't you?


{click} Hey gùys, I have a 101 fevèr and hígh urgès!!! Oh I fùcking love lífe, don't you?

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feel better soon!
update: I have the fúcking flu yay me
aw I hope you feel better soon ❤
I hope I get better 💕
oh no :((
g e t. b e t t e r. S o o n 🖤
Aww get better soon ! <3
Man that sucks, I'm sorry. Like it's not your fault you're sick, that's rude to blame it on you
ugh,that sucks fren
;-; drink lots of water and eat lots of lovely junk food and watch funny television and listen to happy music, don't forget the Advil and ice cream; I hope the sickness and urges pass soon 😓
gøddamñ I didn't see it was the flu wow; you know how to catch 'em 🙁
aw that really sucks. just remember to take care of yourself and eat. <3
Yikes. I know what it's like, my mum's the same sometimes. She can just be really short tempered
It does suck, but it's okay. I'm sorry you have to put up with it too
I hope u feel better fren
awh babe i hope you feel better soon please drink lots of water and get rest 🖤
i wanna smoke so bad eek
thanks dude. that does sound scary. at least you knew what to do though
to be honest I relate, besides the flu part. I hope you feel better soon and it doesn't last for a long period of time. just relax and sleep a lot, that always helps me.
I hope she realizes that what she's doing isn't helping,and that she gets less aggressive too
I'm sorry:( try and keep yourself hydrated crackers are pretty easy on the stomach maybe try and take a few tums and if stuff starts coming out let it and breathe and rest I hope you feel better
you're welcome get well soon pal
sorry fren,at least your dad tried to stop her
that sucks. it's not ur fault tho so idk why ur mom got to be mad I hope it gets better soon tho
thank you so much fren💜and wow I'm sorry fren :(( drink water and eat saltines and listen to tøp and stay away from sharp objects because ily fren and I don't want you to hurt yourself💜
I keep trying to call the guy from poison control back, but since I'm so close to Tennessee it's picking up that line instead of Georgia's 😣 I don't know what to do
I tried, but it was a landline so I had to pay .25 and never got any replies, so. idk. but I checked my blood pressure and it's 124 over 80 😅 I'm trying to research and see if that's because of the Benadryl and if it's bad or will turn normal
thank you very much fren💜
this is very late but I hope you're feeling better now <3
I didn't take anymore, so that's why I'm kinda worried my blood pressure was still so high. i check again in a bit to see if it's gone down, but at that point it's prehypertension and I hope it hasn't damaged anything. my blood pressure when my heart was fast yesterday was probably enough to be hospitalized, considering my heart rate resting this morning was 96 and resting yesterday was 136 😬 I'm no doc but I probably should've forced my parents to take me to one. I haven't had anymore kidney pain since this morning, so I think I'm okay there. it's just, every time I tell someone I need help they're just like "watch and wait and see if it gets better." with EVERYTHING. I'm pretty sure I did give myself a minor concussion, which can also trigger worse suicidal thoughts, so it'd explain the spike. since it was so minor it's probably healed by now, but i know something was wrong because my limbs did go numb for a little while but not at all after that. I wish I could just cut deep enough to hit an artery. I might have to ask my therapist come Friday to hospitalize me because I haven't felt safe for two weeks.
and all the self harm I do is boring and a bust.
I hope your flu is getting better though; how are you at this point? I know they last a bit but I hope it's lessened some
thank you very much fren💜and thanks for the offer but I finished it now and you wouldn't have been able to help me anyway I needed my parents for it cuz it was for my science fair experiment but thank you so much for offering to help thank you fren ily💜
you're totally right tho! I see the pleasure in having a significant other during this time of year but it's just that I'm fourteen and that's still pretty young to have a real relationship and I think that if the relationship isn't real than you shouldn't have it and you can't just suddenly grab some guy and claim them as your boyfriend just because they're "hot" or something and the girl that said that was one of those basic popular people that I have a short temper with.
thank you, it really means a lot to see someone believing in me. i still want to go cut right now but i can't bring myself to do it ?? i did it so much like two months ago so i know what it feels like and what it does/what i do to make it happen. i just can't do it. but i NEED to, you know?
no problem, I'm sending you good vibes because I'm in a really good mood today and I want you to feel better
exactly! i finally found someone who feels the same as i do :')
yeah 😂 i told her that i didn't know her picture was almost the same as mine and she said that she guessed we could have fun confusing people haha
*Thanks you and gives you tomato soup in return*
I completely agree
thank you fren💜
I'm so sorry that you have to miss again. I know how hard it is- Honor's used to kick my àss all the time. When things got too rough for me, I talked with the teachers and they were very kind and sweet about having extra time to get things done when I was struggling, and I'm sure if you told them that it's extremely hard to make everything up with you being so sick that they'd definitely help you out with even more time.
I'm sorry. Maybe you could send a video of you sick and be like "social studies b like do you really think even YOU could do thîs shït while feeling THIS sick??" because in a perfect world where you could send videos like that then old fashioned social studies teachers and math teachers who aren't up to date on shît would kick into gear and be helpful, until then, I'm sorry fren :(
yeah they're fine with it. they don't get mad over bad grades cuz they know me and my brother usually get good grades and we try to do our best academically thank you fren💜
lol thanks fren!
thank you same to you I'm always here to listen to rants
thanks dude :((
thank you so much fren💜I'll try that
umm you can if you want because I'm really not
thank you so much 💕
eh @literallyjustawstenknight I guess as that is what I last logged into
Thank you, I'll miss you. There is a chance that I will be able to keep PC but it's not likely. do you have Twitter or wattpad or something? my parents have yet to find out about them
too bad I've already begun writing it
alright fren I'll remix it to you later once I've finished writing it and my hw
yEs pLeAsE tHaNk yOu lol
sunny days, telescopes, and warm sweaters
ty I try
lol thank you fren
you're welcome, ily2