Collage by FollowMyNewAccBecausePplBlockedMe


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Is this account owned by multiple people?
your glad about what?
it’s fine
This is kind of weird, but is your name actually glad....?
thx for following me!
Please enter my icon contest! Thanks so much Emstar09_reviews!
...why would you type that on my post? what does that mean?
why would you spam stuff on my page? i’m so confused. i’ve honestly never seen you before.
hey there :) thanks 4 following me
I see your following an account that promotes hate (@EpicFish) unfollowing them would be a good idea!
hi, please disregard this message^. i am kinda a part of (and witness to) a disagreement between EpicFish and SierraMist930, and it’s not that big of a deal so just...don’t unfollow anyone, okay?
tysm for following me