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yessss I’m watching it next Friday! I booked it like a month ago lol
so i can watch it on my bday :)
I’m going to have to wait till i see it to read this i’m going to see it tonight😁 can’t wait
I’m watching it tonight!!!! I’m soooooo excited... in gold class❤️😋
omg I saw it on Friday and it was amazing but......😭😭😭😭. and I thought it wasn't gonna be funny but it was really funny.
I saw Endgame on the 28th and I was in tears for 80% of the movie 😭 it was so amazing and hands down the best movie!
missed you sm as well, I’m really busy but I don’t think anyone misses me but you so..
did you see the teaser of the new Spider-Man ?