Hello heroes! 
I made this a while back on my other ACC


Tap! Hello heroes! I made this a while back on my other ACC

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This is awesome! I remember seeing this on ur account
hi! this collage is amazing,maybe you could enter my contest and show of all your talent.
Hi! So I’m leaving PC in 2 weeks, for other reasons (if you want to know why, I have a collage on my acc about that) and my goal is to try to reach 2k before I leave. I know that!s EXTREMELY unlikely, but I really want to try and reach that goal, so if you could do anything to help me reach that goal, that would be greatly appreciated! (Such as telling others to follow me, etc.) I really love your account, it’s super unique! If you aren’t interested in helping me, that’s okay too! Love ya! -CutiePie476
this is gorgeous and so simple
hello! I am a review account! leave a comment on my recent collage for a review!
Hi there! I’ m here again! for the! page!
lucky...I have zero features☹️CoNgRaTs tho on all of yours❤️🤗
I LOVE THIS. and your account is amazing
i agree!!
omg I LOVE THAT!!!
lol nice, bra miller
ty for the follow 💖💖💖
Thank you hedge❤️✨💫
I agree with you 100%
This is such a beautiful collage! 💕
omg I love your icon!
congrats on the feature! :) love this collage
This is a fabulous quote! I hate how there's always a prince that saves the princess in movies, shouldn't it be the other way around for once
Hey 👋🏼. I’ve been going through my followers accounts to see who I think would do a great job in my Alt Games! I’ve come across your account and I think you’re really talented! You could be quite the competition if you were to join. If you’re interested there’s a sign up sheet on my page. xx