will be checking comments until I can’t anymore. Love you all, goodbye <3


🖤-10/4/21-🖤 will be checking comments until I can’t anymore. Love you all, goodbye <3

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AWWW HON ILL MISS YOU SO SO MUCH!!! you e been such a huge inspiration to everyone on this app for so long and just know you’ve made a HUGE impact on my aesthetic and account xx we will miss you so much but i completely understand and respect the decision i love you so much and am wishing you all the best in life xoxo
I'm gonna miss you so much!! You have always been so kind and I'm gonna miss your enthousiasm. Wish you all the best ❤❤
what!! no liv!! 😭😭 we will all miss you SO SO much!!! you are literally so funny and sweet and you’ve always been to kind to me! i hope you may come back some day. we will be here for you. missing you already- xoxo amberskies (sunshiner)
I miss you so much liv 😭😭😭😭💕 stay strong and hopefully you’ll come back one day 😭💕 ~Connor and Erin
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I will miss you so genuinely much I’m so sorry I’ve replied to this so late. you might not even get to see this comment if I’m being honest. and that would suc k but for whatever reason that you’re leaving pc it is for your own good and that definitely comes first, it’s sad for you to leave but even because you’re tired, is a valid reason to leave and I respect that, I hope life goes well for you! 🤞🤞💖✨😖😭
even if the reason is just because you are tired*
what no you can’t leave your amazing
I’m sorry I saw this so late😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼
nooooo why??? what happened!
hey liv...Evelyn woke up finally! we miss you so much 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
well Evelyn woke up and no news on Zeph sorry I saw this so late my mother’s mad at me and I’m grounded
the family curse got to her... but lucky she broke the curse because she was the ONLY one to survive
oh and my mother is threatening to send me to a military school...
Connor feels for you, and everything will be okay also I’m getting my braces on soon and thre day after I’m leave to go to the beach in Alabama I think
instead of doing 4-h this summer I’ll be traveling all of the usa
and idk what beach
yep.... I might be able to sneak out at night with my cousin... but her brother will probably snitch
also if you ever get Instagram look up harrypotter.ai and it has some amazing drarry and wolfstar stuff like fan fics
anyways, how have you been?
I feel for ya, I mean Connor has stopped me 20+ times from killing myself in the last few weeks
okay I’ll be here if you need anything and I’ll try to get quotev
be safe
hey livvy... this is Connor, Erin just completely lost her spark again
my mother happened....
we got into a huge argument I don’t remember what happened everything is a blur
definitely, I miss talking to someone who isn’t Connor
I’m freaking out for you
I h@te strange bugs
even worse 😂
it’s fine I’ll talk to you soon hopefully
wait are you really on😁💖
hey livvy, it’s Evelyn I heard you sometimes come back on and I just wanted to say hi and be safe
omg, wait what!?! ure leaving already!! no no no!! im gonna miss u 😫😫😫😫😫✨✨💗💗😭😭😩
hi liv idk if u will see this but i tried looking for the letters on quotev, found ur acc but i couldn’t find the letters. did u delete them? also hope ur good i miss u </3
omg dude I’ve seen you pop by peoples posts sometimes so I’m just here to check in :D how’re you doing?
ah okay, I’m doing p good, nice to see that you’re doing relatively well though!
are you alive liv?
I miss my lama gurl so much