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first collage of the new theme - i kinda love how this turned out! i hope you all had wonderful holidays & an awesome start into 2024, may all your dreams come true <33 it snowed a lot these days - feels like winterwonderland 🩷🩷


•08•01•2024• (tap) first collage of the new theme - i kinda love how this turned out! i hope you all had wonderful holidays & an awesome start into 2024, may all your dreams come true <33 it snowed a lot these days - feels like winterwonderland 🩷🩷

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this is amazing chloé!! your collages are always so flawless 💛💛
I’d like to go to greece or rome right now! I change my mind like every week lol, I wanna go everywhere! asia sounds so so fun, what did you do there?
Amazing and really pretty
Thank you!! All the best wishes for you too <3
We spend new year's eve with the family, we played some board games and watched the fireworks in the neighbourhood. How was nye for you?
I'm doing good!! Slowly getting back into the normal rhythm after the holidays :) how are you?
This is so pretty!! Loving this theme already ❤️
@caption omg you got snow!! That's so fun :)
trop beau
je fais rien apar la reprise des cours et nous il a neigé mais ça n’a pas tenue .
sinon merci bcp ❤️
im okay and pretty busy tho because school started today and I alr have tons of hw!!!
how are you???
one, this is absolutely beautiful! and two, i’ve been good, how about you? :D
my weekend was good.. I said i’d go to a youth group at church in two weeks .. but like I never go to any youth group.. but an acquaintance of mine is going so when his mom offered to take me with him I said yes.. I do want to get to know him better, he’s fun and hilarious and really sweet. 🥹 my sister thinks I have a crush on him and she wants me to marry him so that she can be related to his sister who’s her best friend lollll help 😭
anyway i’ll tell you how it goes when I go hahaha
okayyy my story is about these four kids who get kicked out of their separate homes for being lgbtq and get “adopted” by a young couple in their mid 20s and so it’s a sweet found family story 🥹 i’m loving it but I need some good plot to do once all the kids get found and adopted 😭 i’ll let you know when I come up with some more hehe. rn i’m working on developing the characters and boy am I having fun!!!
how are you todayyy??
honestly idk i’m sooo bad at nicknames 😭
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love this
OFC 💕 school is okay Ig lol I don't really have a favorite subject. Wbu? Btw do you play any instruments?
This is beautiful ❤️
Today I am inside and school was closed bc of the snow that fell last night and the roads are slippery<33
omg wie schön
Krieg ich ein hey
Happy New Year!! Haha kind of late on that but I've been doing good thanks!! Wbu?
yw! aww thnx ❤️
christmas: making food and watching movies, nye: getting my act together by creating a truth mirror and declutterring my room!
and today i’m doing wonderful! I have my bff over so yeah!
how is ur day?
i’m great hru!!
Your welcome and thanks so much.
this is so pretty!!
and thank you so so much 🫶🫶
honestlyyy i didn’t really celebrate the new year ahahah, i never really have 😭😭 i don’t go to parties and stuff lolll BUTTT yes ofc i would love to give you a recipe for gluten free cookies- you could also google some cookie recipes that are lactose free and allergy free (sensitive to your sister) as well!
Amazing collage super pretty.
ah! i’ve had my blood drawn before! it was a bit intimidating, but i got through it :D
i didn’t too much today, just the usual school, that’s all :)
OKAYYY IDK IF I LIKE HIM AND IM GONNA GET TO KNOW HIM BETTER FIRST BEFORE I THINK ABT IT MORE HAHAHA okay but apparently I have a thing for dutch people????? like my first girl crush/one of my besties is dutch.. and this guy is dutch aswell?? i’ll tell you a bit about him that I know.l he’s tall (duh he’s dutch lol), and he’s 2 months younger than I am (I thought he was a year older). he’s smart, and loves reading, especially lord of the rings (me too??????!?!!!) and he has curly brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses and honestly he is SUPER sweet and hilarious and very fun hahaha
ALSO HES BILINGUAL OBV (dutch and english, probably speaks some thai and idk what language he learns in school haha) but like isn’t speaking multiple languages the COOLEST THINGG (me who’s obsessed with languages and is trying to learn like 10 at once 🥲)
awww I am very sorry, I hope it isn’t too stressful for you too!! i’ve never gotten my blood drawn so I don’t really know what it feels like. I’m sorry!
I hope you get a tour super soon and that everything goes well!!
looking over that I sound obsessed oh dear 😭
if you need any help with anything let me know 💕✨
awww thank you sm for all the support for my lil story😭
okay okay but i’m like obsessed with the characters and now I wanna be part of the family 🥹🥲
lmk if you want to hear about them hehe
the problem is hiding it from my strict Christian parents 🥲
blood drawing is no fun omg 😭 i’m so sorry you fainted!! are you okay?? I feel you, I have a lot of health problems :(
i’m doing okay!! thank you for asking! a bit tired and honestly i’m kinda excited for the youth group next week ??🤭
okay I LOVE THESE NICKNAMES!! especially love the sherlock holmes and dr. watson 😍
tom and jerry is my childhood 🥹
goodness that was a spam im so sorry 😭😭 i’ll stop now
Good darling!! Hbu
je préfère l’été :)
Oh that's cool!!! I can play some cords on the piano. I think I would prefer maths wbu? Yes I play violin.
Awww j’adore ta nouvelle image de profil ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
trop jolie :)
i’ve been doing great!
happy new year! sorry for not responding I’ve been sick for a few weeks
hey sorry for my disappearance, I had to have eye surgery and it’s just been a mess these past few months. I hope you’re doing good and had a great new year!
also this is gorgeous! 💗
hey chloe!! how are you today?? ♥️
thank you sm chloe!! THIS IS GORGEOUS BTW
I started watching Gilmore Girls, I absolutely love it!! wha's your favorite serie/movie btw? ughhh samee, school is always so stressful but you can do it girlyyy ❤️
that sounds amazing!! hmmm I always love going to maui, it’s always so beautiful! my family and I go once a year and it never gets old 🤩
tu fais un super boulot à chaque fois c’est trop beau, je viens de m’en rendre compte mais c’est toi qui fait tout !(?) même les Polaroïd !
your welcome and any ideas for this account.
aww thanks you too!! Well, I had a busy day at school and I’ve spent my afternoon writing and essay! Wbu? 💓
my favorite subject would 100% be history! it’s so intriguing to me! :D
omg i haven’t been on here in awhile. 😭😭 sorry i missed ur messages but i’ve been living yk. it’s a struggle but live laugh love ❤️ hope ur good too
hope the holidays were good for u and ur family
aw your so sweet! it went very well and I was put under for it since I’m a minor so that was nice. I hope that you too have the best year in 2024 and many blessings come to you!
can you plz tell everyone you know to come come check out my account and PLZ consider following!!!!
merci ☺️, j’aime bien la plage mais les montagnes en été au coucher de soleil c’est trop beau 😍.
you’re so welcome and ilyy 🥹🥹🩷
my new years was fun!! & I have never skied before actually I live in a dry state so I don’t get many chances 😭
but I’m doing alr, how’s your new year been??
heyy!! oh my gosh im doing so well, i miss you a lot too!!! how about you?? how are you doing?
but I asked his little sister where her older sister was and my sister was like “oh are you looking for[his name]?” and his sister was like “OH YKNOW HES SIXTEEN TOO” with one of those looks and I was like yah I know his birthday is this month so tell him I said happy birthday and she was like oh I forgot about that BUT HONESTLY there are like 12 kids in the family and although only four are at home now NOBODY remembers their siblings birthdays in that family lol
I have to go to church now (and see him 👀) so i’ll respond to the rest of your comments later!! love you!! 🩷🩷🩷
college has been so fun!! super busy but super fun so i’m loving it!
oh my😭 are u alright?
omg i’m so scared of needles i’m always on the verge of fainting too LOL
Comment fait-tu pour réaliser des collages aussi génial
Of course! My fav character is probably Luke bc he's funny haha, wbu? who's your fav character? <3
YES I LOVE THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY, IT'S ONE OF THE BEST SERIES EVER! my favorite shows are gossip girl, the summer I turned pretty and another one but I forgot the name haha :) have you seen gossip girl?🦋
I can speak Russian and a little bit Ukrainian wbu?
it’s amazing! its probably like any other tropical island, but I loooove it anyways!
Omg ich liebe deine Collagen überalles
That sounds like fun!! I hope you feel better with being sick. I have been doing good <33
And no you haven't told me your name 😂😂😂
I’m good!! hbu? how’s the new year?
Here is your background pack hope you like it.
sorry I haven’t responded in agessss I keep forgetting this exists 🙇‍♀️ *guilty*
cleaning: real 🙋‍♀️
cousins: that’s a shame. are they older or younger? it’s crazy how the environment is a factor of your personality. and so it teaches us to make the most of the smallest moments
omg you literally haven’t seen them in a year?? that sounds so much fun! no, I haven’t! what is raclette?
YOUCH! I have NEVER had a blood test, though I do want to get one soon…
we played some kid games lol (like Marco Polo and twister and twin telepathy), we went to the park, shot some hoops, went for a walk around, made pizza, and my younger sisters wanted to play oreo roulette (but without the weirder stuff).
hey chloe!! how are you??
OKAY BUT IM A HUGE FAN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES BOOKS (also the enola holmes movies) and sherlock always calls watson “my dear watson” and I always loved that and I didn’t know if you knew that 🥹
Aahh that sounds so fun!! Raclette is with cheese right? I've never done that
Oh no, that doesn't sound good. I hope you're feeling better :) aahh yes blood draws can be tough, I don't like it either, though I'm usually okay as long as I don't watch
omg yeah school is quite something. r u in college ? i’m not in school rn just working as a server which is so fun talking to people and i get tipped big so don’t mind if i do
and i hope u had fun at the party. be responsible tho ifykyk
Your welcome and thanks so much for the amazing ideas any tips on creating handwritten text. Also this is my second account to my main account being Breathin_Dreams
of course! we all need that reminder 💗 I’m good! mostly just tired but that’s normal, how are you??? Noooo you’re the sweetest too!!
HEHE I SAW HIM SUNDAY BUT I LITERALLY ONLY SAW HIM. I didn’t even mean to stare I swear 😭 he was with a group of friends and this one girl looked at me like ?? bc I kept accidentally staring at him😭😭
I accidentally overexaggertaed haha he has seven siblings lol. he’s the oldest still at home. his birthday is in january but I don’t know what day 😭
that party sounds so fun!!! yesterday my sisters and I were home alone and we had a drawing party! we listened to pokémon songs then sonic the hedgehog movie soundtracks (HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE????) and my 9yo sister drew all the sonic characters as chibi and I drew sonic and it turned out okay??? I finally beat pokémon scarlet last night so i’m going to start Sonic Frontiers and Pokémon Legends Arceus..l first I have to beat Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (and i’m putting Luigi’s Mansion 3 on hold atm lol). do you play video games????
so i’m doing okay! just tired lol. how was your day??
I don’t mind being either one!! you pick hehe<3
idk I don’t know how I gain them like that… you get them much faster than me haha!! i’m not on here for the followers but I will say I will probably die if I get to 1k
YES I DO KEEP A JOURNAL AND I HAVE LIKE ALL MY LIFE LOL. do you???? I even used to name my journals hehe<3 I like both poems and stories but it depends on my mood and I definitely write more prose. I actually haven’t worked so much on my story, i’m sorta stuck at the moment and I got a bit sidetracked my a fanfic idea *sigh*
okay merci
i would pick languages! math is not my strongsuit 😅
It's ok Chloe!! 🤍🤍🤍
Awe thank you <33 I am doing fine darling, hbu??
j’y penserait merci beaucoup sinon cv 💞🫶🏼
oh no! i’m so sorry to hear about that! i hope everything’s okay🫶 has anything gotten worse? and i’ve been really good just had school
Salut je voulais te demnder ou trouve tu toute ton inspiration ? 🫶🏼
HONESTLY I HAD THE BEST TIME (never thought i’d say that about a youth group full of extreme extroverts where only he and I are introverts) BUT HONESTLY. I CANT WAIT TILL THE NEXT TIME
hiii!!! I’m gooood hbu 💗💞
Thanks so much for the tips on creating a handwritten text also i would like some quotes as well. Also I have three accounts Breathin_dreams ( main account) Moonlight_Lover (second account) and Forevermore_Dreams 13 (Third account) are my extra accounts.
Congratulations for hitting 500 followers!
i’ve been doing okay!!! how about you??💗
Merci beaucoup pour tes super conseils bonne journée ! 💞✨
okay okay mostly I don’t think he noticed but his sister saw me a few times and was like 🤨 but once I looked while he was looking my way and I was like OOP- that happened again today except after church instead of in the service
OMG YOU HIT 500 🎊 🎉
okay every game is different. Legend of zelda games, you play as Link who is an elf and typically you do things to save/help Princess Zelda. Luigi’s Mansion is when Luigi gets stuck in a mansion of ghosts and you use a vacuum to get them out if there lol (it’s much less creepy than it sounds but i’m suprised my parents let us get it). Sonic games, typically you collect seven emeralds and fuse them to become invincible but there are other storylines in each game that go with that. Pokémon, you raise and train little animals for battling and it’s super cute.
there are other games I like too but my brain is dead and thats all I can think of atm!!
dw I just got video games in 2020 and when I told my brother I didn’t know they existed when I was little (we got them when he was four) he was like :O
my weekend was AMAZING yknow youth group and all and I saw him today (just saw him, no talking lol).
I hope your hip heals quickly!!🩷🩷
OKAY IM SO SORRY BUT I DONT EVEN REMEMBER THE NAMES… I left all my old journals back home :( I remember one was Kitty in honor of Anne Frank haha but sadly I don’t remember any others 😭😭
YOUTH GROUP WAS SO FUN. I ate dinner with his family (they have a daughter that has come to visit so currently they have five kids at home.) then I went with his dad and him to go drive to youth group. but yknow they’re dutch right, and his dad is over six feet easy, and he is almost as tall, so me as the shirt little american was walking REALLY fast to keep up with them lol which was a bit awkward. the most awkward part was when we would almost collide going through a door and just wave hands to gesture you go first no you no YOU and the second time he just said “this time, you go first!” and I was like ok :’)
but we had some interesting conversations in the car
I just typed out a whole paragraph and then pc glitched and I lost it :/
I swear he was the tallest person there at the youth group except for the man who was hosting lol
how are you doing today??<3
I really think I might be developing a crush on him. 🥲 he really is very sweet and hilarious and fun (and cute).
well, i’m homeschooled so my mom wants me to learn some french and i’m currently teaching myself korean. and it’s super fun!
thank you so much! and also i think YOU are more talented than me! 🫶🏻
ah that’s amazing! i’m glad you’re getting better!! my weekends been super fun tho! mostly just hanging out but i keep having to learn the hard way how mean girls can be🫤
that’s great! and honestly I would be too, I’ve never skiied so I would be scared. It was really really good! I went to a 4-h banquet/ weekend get away with my friends in 4-h and just got back
ummmmm your way sweeter
oh gosh 😭 well i’m glad ur okay haha!
and i’m doing good! back at school i missed my friends haha
it is such a 180 tho with the weather i’ve never lived in weather below 60°😭😭
hello!! I love this, is awesome 🩷🩷🩷
you are so sweet! 🩷🩷💖💖💕💕
hey twin! i hope your doing good. i’m sorry i’m never on piccollage anymore, life’s starting to get a lot busier. it’s crazy i’ll be a freshman in high school in august 😭
yes exactly!! that's why we love Luke :) I ship Rory with Dean but I haven't watched a lot of the serie yet haha! AND OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOU'RE SO SWEET CHLOE <3
you should def watch it, it's like my fav serie ever!! how are you doing btw? ❤️
this is STUNNING, how are you? 💗
Thank you!! You're always so kind 🥰 I'm doing good, not much going on at the moment. How are you?
Thanks so much for the amazing quotes for the handwritten text collage.
aww i’m okay thank you for asking <33 just very stressed with a lot coming up 💗💗 but how have you been? :))
HELLO MY DEAR WATSON<3 i’m doing alright! how are you today???
I had an idea because i’m not going with a steady theme rn, i’m gonna do some dark academia themed ones with sherlock quotes. would you like to collab on one??
omg I love imagine dragons 👀 hmm, I don’t know if I have a favorite video game! the ones i’ve played the most are RPG themed so typically those. especially Paper Mario the Origami King. that one- i’m still not recovering, it was AMAZING… *sobs*
I write favorite.. heheh.. we have an English family friend and when she first met us she didn’t know what we said half the time and we didn’t know what she said half the time 😂
let’s see my dutch friend who’s my age is about a head taller than me.. since she’s 5’10” I guess i’m maybe 5’7” idk?? how tall are you?? and we talked about differences between america and the netherlands, and dutch food, and lord of the rings, and i have a bad memory so I don’t remember what else sorry 😭
actually i’m mostly doing okay for once! i’m reading a good book and i’m a bit motivated and also i’m really looking forward to seeing tim again 👀 and I might get to call one of my oldest friends this week! I am a bit worried about my mom though, she seems a bit sad.
how are you doing this week? and I have been thinking about how I can’t wait to meet you someday in a tiny german cafe when we both wear something very noticeable 😂
honestly if no one else enters my contest ur the automatic winner
THAT'S SO COOL!!! I kind of want to learn Spanish well I used to do spanish a little bit but then it got harder so I stopped.
not the greatest, currently getting over a cold. :/ but, i’ve only been learning it for a few months now, and it’s fun!
aww i missed you too!!! your so sweet 💗💕 I’ve been pretty good lately thank youuu
ahh thank you so much!
beautiful ❤️
HELLO MY DEAR WATSON🩷🩷 i’m doing alright actually! tim sat with me at supper on thursday 👀 and my sister gave us a very not subtle 😏 look *sigh* but on this weekend also was good, I got some fanfic writing done (heh), watched some shows with my siblings, and called my oldest friend!! so that was great!! also I think tim saw me looking at him after church 🫥
I want to collab sooner than later so I don’t forget about it 😭 😂 anytime is good!!!
I actually haven’t heard a lot by them but I do love demons. it gives me all the FEELSSS lol. I also love believer and radioactive but bones is great!! hbu??
in paper mario.. goodness idk how to describe it, basically you are given a mission and you have to meet friends and slowly make your way to the final boss. you level up slowly and do lots of training, so it’s a long game and pretty hard, but I love those kinds of games!!!
my mother is doing better so i’m very glad about that!! hmm what would I wear..l have an idea of what I would wear but I don’t have everything for that outfit. so. I would wear, my vintage sonic the hedgehog shirt, my dark bell bottom jeans, and my enormous blue hoodie 👀and i’d take my very noticeable little star wars bag so that you KNOW it’s me lol. what would you wear?? I had something cooler in mind but I don’t have the right clothes lollll
or maybe since I am sherlock I would wear some dark academia themed clothes and use my black pikachu baseball hat in place of his iconic one 😂
WHAT GERMAN FOOD WOULD I EAT… I can’t eat cheese. or pork. sadness. so i’d get a Brezel.. und ein Brötchen?? Mit Senf 👌 hbu??
maybe we should go to a bakery lol
what country would I like to live in?? I have too many. I want to live in america, in germany, in norway, in ireland, in romania, in ukraine (if the war is over), in korea, in japan, in iceland… I DONT KNOW😭😭what about you??
it depends on what my future spouse’s ideas has in common with my list here lol
agree to disagree???? ilysm too girl!! 💗 it’s kinda a career fair but some years you can only go to one career like this one and I got put in nursing. Oh wow, that’s scary!😬 i would’ve stayed home or something if I heard that happened! Awww thank you! I have Pinterest to thank for the inspo lol 😂
i’ve been alright. pretty good so far. had an existential crisis but yk it’s good for the human experience
never felt better tbh
thank you too 🫶🏻
I’m doing good, hbu?
I’m with a lot of exams but I’m ok
in celsius haha!
how has school been??
drop dead gorgeous🎀🎀