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also imma respond to the ones you asked me here too owo i don’t wanna clutter up your main comments section. also i just wanted to say that i’m really glad you liked this idea ❤️❤️❤️
13. a tie between mint green and grey probably
4. i love cotton candy, cats, and my friends
27. a friend and i were arguing over toast. my friend said that toast was not bread, while i said that toast was just bread but cooked. i thought it was funny for toast to be toasted and i ended up naming a lot of my main accounts on social media this lol
30. i loveeee alt-j
36/37. i have no tattoos and i have my ears pierced. i think i’ve always wanted a septum piercing and i might wait till i move out to do that. i don’t believe i really want tattoos though. i can’t commit to something that permanent lol
also don’t worry about how many you asked because i never really talked about myself ever on pc besides little things going on
dude, you seem like a really cool person
I’ve wondered how you came up with your user😂
alsooo, I really want my septum pierced too! but I’ll have to wait till I’m 18 cause I don’t think my parents will let me.
11: I miss being a careless little kid.
35: I love Halloween
38: a few years ago, I just wanted to combine some pictures, so I got pc. then I found out you can make accounts and post and stuff, and I thought it would be cool. it’s not a very interesting story.
43: pft like an hour. well, it depends. I could take like 15 minutes to throw on a sweatshirt and tie my hair up. or I could take an hour trying to decide what to wear that’s not a sweatshirt, try to make my hair look nice, and spent 20 of those minutes trying to make my eyeliner look somewhat decent😂
also, I’ve never heard of alt-J till now, and I’ve only listened to two and a half songs so far but I lovvve it
honestly getting ready in the morning take too long because i just end up passing out at various points throughout lmáo. you seem super duper chill :). also ayyy i’m glad you like alt-j