4/22/22 Happy Earth Day!🌎❤️✨ sorry I had to repost this again, Piccolage kept deleting them 😕. Anyway hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! It’s Fridayyyy!
Qotd: fav insect lol
Aotd: bee 🐝 or butterfly 🦋


4/22/22 Happy Earth Day!🌎❤️✨ sorry I had to repost this again, Piccolage kept deleting them 😕. Anyway hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! It’s Fridayyyy! Qotd: fav insect lol Aotd: bee 🐝 or butterfly 🦋

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super pretty !!
So Pretty!!!
aotd: Butterfly's!!! They're so pretty!
Beautiful! Liana!
And yes I had to repost it again bc of those dumb haters😩🙄
Btw, who said the bible was a man made book??
Does Layla know? (@Livinghope- lol everybody knows who she is😂)
thank you!
aotd: butterflies FOR SURE. I’m scared of bees 😬
STUNNING!!! I love this!!!
super pretty
aotd: bees because they are dying and they are the ones who pollenate food for us! so it’s good to appreciate what they do for us and there aren’t many left
I hope it fixes soon the same thing happened to me 😂😂
thank you!
aotd: butterfly 🦋
thanks Liana! I’m Lauren ✨
This is gorgeous! I love this verse!
thank youu
Thank you!!
tysm Liana!!
yeah, the language is French!!
my day was ok, hbu??
Awwwwww thank you!😊🌱
thank you!
It's currently Saturday, April 23rd which means that there is just a week till the due date of round 2! Make sure to get a collage submitted before Saturday, April 30th for a chance to make it to round 3
hey Liana!! how have you been?
hey!! I’m back!
shoot - I didn’t know it was earth day 🤫
Oh my gosh, that seems horrible. I hope her tenth surgery goes well. Though it might seem weird that a. random person on the internet is praying for her, please tell her I’m sending prayers!
yes, I’m fine now. that surgery was a while ago. Losing half a foot seems much worst!
hiii i’m so sorry i’m not so active … very busyyyy anyway how have you been? i’ve missed you so much and talking to you i hope ur ok and let me know how things are going!!! love youuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
aotd: 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
tysm!! and no you totally deserve it you’re always super nice to me and your comments make my day!! and having a collage inspired by me is a big thing! especially coming from you!!♥️♥️♥️ how have you been Liana!
and happy late earth day lol
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awe thank you!! this is gorgeous😍💗
thank you
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thank you so much Liana!! ❤️
hey Liana!! um so.. u kinda already got an acct review.. so just let me know what u want for my giveaway lol! 😂
thank you! 💕
thanks again hehe!
haha ofc!!
well I want them all to be four days apart.. lol
thank you so much!!
I always love how you spam with comments- I honestly like it a lot better than just one small one lol!
yes the lungs..
oh yeah that’s right..
beautiful! and thanks~
aotd: butterfly or ladybug
use my songs as quotes they are amazing
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thank you! 💕
do you know who did Artemis and who did Apollo? 👀 tysm though !!
OMGGG TY LIANA!!!! your comments make my dayyyyy
I’m glad to have a friend like you on PC!! ♥️ilysm
I’m doing good thx!!
ahhh np!! and no you’re way too good!! and yes I’ll definitely post it after a few days because I just posted
i actually have a sister named Liana!
oh cool! many people get confused between Liana and Leanna for my sister so she needs to tell them how to spell it lol 😆 can’t say my name for privacy reasons 🫤 but it starts with an A. my online friends call me Leida so you can if you want too ☺️
Thank you ❤
Hey! Round one is up!
totally fine! so am I 😜
i missed you
idk if I already asked you before, but would you like to be friends?
just took my little bro on a walk it’s so nice outside !!
thank you!!
thanks 😊
ahhh how was?
since 2015 or 2016 I can’t remember exactly when but it’s been a long time 😅✨ hbu?
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I don’t really watch tv SHOWS.. so u can choose!
I’m not sure lol!
you can pick?
idk I’m not very caught up on pop culture.. hbu?
any shows u know?
oh I do know gossip girl lol
hmm.. ok. want to do complex or simple?
i’m sure you did amazing !ahhhhh yay!!!!
thank you sm!! don’t mean to sound annoying and like I’m fishing for attention or anything!!
just sharing lol but they changed there mind so far!!!!
complex sounds good!
bg or text?
love this <3