so this is kinda simple but
✨Hru guys !?✨
QOTD: is it Thanksgiving break for y'all?
AOTD: sure is 🙂
💙Rate ?/100!
Have a blessed day 💓


🐻tap🐻 [11/20/18] so this is kinda simple but ✨Hru guys !?✨ QOTD: is it Thanksgiving break for y'all? AOTD: sure is 🙂 💙Rate ?/100! Feature!?😍 Have a blessed day 💓

140 3
100/100!! aotd: yesss
loveee thissss
aotd: yep
AOTD: yep
100000000000000000000/10 AOT: YES
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beautiful 💗💕
you’re welcome wanna be friends?
cute 💕
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so cute♥️♥️♥️
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this is gorgeous:)
happy new year!
this makes me want to listen to little thingsss
this is adorable! happy new year, and merry Christmas or any holiday you celebrate
you’re almost at 5k followers :)
I’m surprised you’re not gaining tbh. also I totally know what you mean but at least your active! even if you don’t post much, just being here to talk to everyone shows that you care :)
this is gorj!
beautiful! ❤️
no problem, I mean we’ve all been there where we are lacking inspiration. in a way tbh (this probs makes no sense) but I feel inspired to make posts lately but idk what exactly I wanna do and as I start them I don’t have inspiration-yeah that definitely made no sense haha
so I feel like taking time off and just living life and seeing others posts kinda inspires me more than just forcing posts. once you just take time to see what’s in front of you, it’s easier to be more inspired I guess. but I especially after having an account for years (which I feel ya on that) it can still be difficult.
but staying active is still the best you can do. and eventually you’ll hopefully be able to make posts when you’re ready and have mode ideas. sorry for writing so much, I wrote like an essay haha. also don’t mind my nonsense comments because it’s like really early in the morning and I can’t sleep so what better to do than talk about struggling to have pc inspo haha.
okay what am I even saying haha. I’m tired and can’t sleep, but I clearly need sleep haha. anyway, even tho you’re struggling to have inspiration, thanks for still being active :)
and I still love your account!🤩
how are you? :)
pretty good🌿
you’re welcome and thanks ❤️
AH STUNNING! can't believe I've never come across your amazing acc before...
ahh my heart is melting ❤️