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okay before i tell you anything more, do you promise not to get mad?
no, of course not!
i, uhm, had the baby already. i’m so sorry for not telling you earlier.
i didn’t want to bother you...
i just— i don’t know what was going through my mind at the time
i actually haven’t named him yet... i was waiting to talk to you
no, i want you to pick. i know it won’t make up for what i did, but hopefully it’ll help
he’s yours, too. we made the decision to have him together
babe, just choose the name. please.
james it is. do you want to give him a middle name?
well i like alexander...
hi baby :)
i missed you, too. *kisses all over your face*
*smiles wide* gooddd. what about you?
*runs my fingers through your hair* glad to hear that.
*smiles wide* i love you, too. more than you could ever imagine.
*kisses back softly, smiling against your lips*
*swipes my tongue along your lower lip & pulls you closer*
*slides my hands lower, gripping your waist*
*smiles, leaning in to kiss you again*
*runs my hands up and down your body*
*strokes your hair as i smirk*
*sighs happily as i let you do whatever you’d like to me*
*tosses my shirt behind me* we’ve waited way too long to do this again
*holds in a few moans*
*lets a moan slip past my lips* holy f-fúćk