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Oooh wow! That looks great! Ready to answer whenever you’re ready!
Okay awesome!!
Welcome Awesome_Bunny To Tropic Talk show Let’s start in the beginning when did you join PC and why did you?
I download PC in 2013 and used it to make collages with pictures from different occasions from birthdays to vacations and sometimes used it for school projects. Soon after, I discovered I could make my own account and began posting my own collages.
That's awesome I've heard a lot of users say they used this app as more of putting family or friends’ pictures together than posting as a social media app.
The very first couple collages probably weren’t your greatest, so how did you start finding your style and making your edits look better and more unique?
They weren’t the best you’re right about that! Just take a scroll down my account and you’ll see I typed paragraphs and slapped it on a picture. I don’t think I have my “own” style, I just found typography to be fun to experiment with in contrast to making collage type of edits, which was not my cup of tea. I feel how you arrange words can be different every time because it can all depend on the length of the quote, fonts you use, or the size of the text. Additionally, I followed the trend of utilizing the app Rhonna Designs for fonts and that just became what I mainly used since I found (and still do) it was easier to work with, with its precise fine tuning for moving texts to align them how I want them to be. I like to think my edits have gotten better. Practice makes perfect, it’s the only way you’ll get better.
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the last sentence is practice makes perfect, that’s the only way you’ll get better.
Practice makes perfect is something your hear all the time, but it's so true and your collages are amazing!! You went through a lot of different styles. How did you get inspiriting for all the different styles you've gone through?
Thank you! I personally don’t believe I went through a lot of styles because I generally stuck with the typography type edits. It wasn’t until this past year that I took a different route and tried something out of my comfort zone because it was popular to do complex edits, something I haven’t seen in PC in the earlier years. I also collaborated with many talented users which gave me the opportunity to meet new pole and share ideas. Aside from viewing other accounts, I like to use other sources such as WeHeartIt, Pinterest, and Instagram for inspiration too. As if currently, I want to incorporate more of a personal level on my account and do collages that mean something to me using everyday life.
I like your idea of doing something personal. I think that would be pretty neat. So I know you have two accounts How do you stay active on both of them?
Thanks! I hope people will like the change! It used to bug me that I wasn’t very active on my main account and it almost felt like a chore to post. I’ve told myself, quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter how much I post as long as I am satisfied with something I made and am proud of it. So now I just post whenever I make a new collage that I actually love instead of being on a schedule. It can take a few days, weeks, or months who knows. However, I’m active in the sense of liking and commenting on others posts. I may slightly appear to be more active on my extras account because there is more I can do there whether it’s blogs, inspiration ideas, or just chatting with others.
I love that there are a lot accounts that make it a chore to post, but really it's just a way for you to share your talent and it's just something you do for fun. Now I know different edits takes less or more time, but how long would you say it takes you to do some of your edits?
Simple typography edits don’t take long, 10 minuets at most. However, making complex edits can vary between 15-25 minutes. I would say the brainstorming process can take days or weeks only because I can be indecisive and I don’t think about it in one sitting. I like to break it down in parts and work on each element instead of throwing things together. Sometimes it looks better in my head than when I actually try to make it so, if I don’t like it I’ll scrap the idea. School plays a part on why it might take long to edit because I can be busy too.
I I agree so much with the indecisive and sound better in my head:) I sometimes work on something and I could be ready to post and totally change the whole edit. Have you ever had inspiration block and if so what did you do to get out of it?
ill tell you on the remix ;)
Yes of course I’ve had an inspiration block! When do people not? If I can’t find inspiration I would take a break and then go back to scrolling through pictures another time. Clearing your mind and relooking at things can help. I don’t think I’ve had it for that long because I like to think that since art is abstract, there are different ways to interpret things. If you don’t come up with an idea right away, try to look at it in another viewpoint.
That's a really good point. I think taking a break from the edit your working on is a good way to clear your mind. So you can get a different view of it later, if that makes sense. What set's your account apart from others?
Yes exactly! As of 2020, I want to put more meaning into my collages whether it’s using more profound themes or something from my life. That is what I think sets my account differently from others.
That's awesome. If you could give advise to new or ones who have been here for awhile what would it be?
That's awesome. If you could give advise to new or ones who have been here for awhile what would it be?
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My advice to new users as cheesy as it sounds, you do you. Try and experiment with different things and find what bests suits you. For older users, keep doing what you’re doing, you still got it.
Thank you so much. That is super helpful. Thanks again Awesome_Bunny this sums up my interview. I had a lot fun learning about your journey on PC. And i'm sure everyone on PC who sees the interview will enjoy it as much as I did. Do you have anything else you would like to say?
Thank you for this interview! I had so much fun! It was a pleasure doing this!
I hope to continue making collages for a long time and inspire others everyday. I’m grateful for being apart of this creative community.
No problem thank you so much