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I don't think that's what anyone meant by liking it!!! It meant sending you love!!! ❤️ Hearts! ❤️
You shouldn't be thinking of suicide!!!!
But we are all here if you need us
hehe thx 4 it but just 2 tell u I once of thought of cutting myself more like self harm in ways no one can see marks on my body
I'm Here For You If You Need Someone To Talk To
please don't think that way we would all miss you and if you need to talk to someone we're all here for you!
of course it would make me sad! anyone contemplating self harm or suicide would make me sad. please don't do anything!
Nu uh don't do it please!!!
i don't know you but i don't wanna you KILL yourself.
would ya look @ th@ 3 people want me dead or wouldn't care about my death
I REALLY REALLY CRY FOR 2 weeks , DONT EVER THINK ABOUT THAT!! that just make me already sad!!😔💕
and I liked it accidentally 😅
w-wait I'm sorry for asking but I never knew ARE YOU A GIRL OR A BOY😅