Okay I have to ask, has anyone here ever been in love?


💕6/26/22💕 Okay I have to ask, has anyone here ever been in love?

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this is so gorgeous! @caption: nope 🙂
I’m obsessed!! I love this!!!😍 @caption kinda😂
this is beautiful! @caption: as in, deep in love with a crush I couldn’t have? yes 🥲
@caption yes I have 😊
i just had a crush on this guy and I couldn’t bring myself to tell him, so I had a missed opportunity when I found out he liked me too
it was recently w/ one of my best friends and we were really close until smth happened and her mom is making her transfer schools.. it was fun while it lasted tho 🥲
we never officially became a thing but the feelings were there lol
he’s talking to other girls and seems more comfortable for him, but I caught him looking in my direction this morning 😳 but whatever he wants, I’ll be happy for him~
*with them
too late I think, I’ve lost feelings. unless he ends up showing emotions I’m not going to do anything :(
this is absolutely gorgeous!! hru?
yeah it’s sad but not many things last forever
your collages are super pretty!
indeed it is. if you don’t mind me asking, have you ever been in love?
of course and me too! thank you! how is school for you?
oOoOoH! lol
haha same! it ended for me a month ago!!! i’m glad it’s out but i am limited to do stuff bc my home life is kind of complicated 😭😭
does the person know abt it? because I would start there
I totally get that part, but I regret when I didn’t tell the person or didn’t tell them right away bc then it’s a missed opportunity. and even if they do reject you, #1 it’s their loss, and #2 you’ll either live w/ it or find someone else
so I say just go for it!
i usually play games with my sister or i do productive things around my room mostly, or just go on my phone :)
np! just speaking from experience lol
@caption- I believed I did but then got my heart broken so heh </3 :D
the day after valentines this year
yeah lolll i guess u could say that😭😭
I mean we're mostly alright with each other now an there's not rly any hard feelings or drama
ahh, thanks!
tyyyyyyuu this tooooooooo
@ caption: *nervously laughs* i'm in love with an anime character if that counts... *nervously smiles*