i haven’t posted since last decade 🤭

sorry you had to read that

i really hope i’m organised this year lol

564x565 _eunoia_

hihihihihihihihihihihihello i haven’t posted since last decade 🤭 sorry you had to read that i really hope i’m organised this year lol

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OOOOO CHARCOAL PAINTING?? never heard of that but sounds rlly interestinggg 🤩🤩
charcoal drawing * sry im slow 😂
oo were those fireworks in sydney?? 🤩
you are entirely a star child!
begin your power!
oh yeah I saw these😂😂😂😂😂
I have charcoal from gardening but they’re dirty and icky and my hands would be messy with no handle so like offffftttttrt
thanks for commenting! Honestly tho, same. If I was you I’d be confused by the descriptions as well lol. also, thanks for answering my qotd. It’s a bit of a personal one but I’m happy you answered it :)
aw that’s okay. If you can, just give me a comment, haha.
I’ve only used charcoal a couple times so sorry I can’t be much help 😬 maybe I should try it out again
dab on the haters bro you an I are cool
I love charcoal!! I havent used it in a while though. You should definitely share some art when you get the supllies!!
hahahahahaha Ive seen these😂 tumblr has the best stuff
oooh I love to charcoal sketch! it's really good for realistic stuffs, and cos when I started I was new to it, I got mine from Amazon 😂 I can't link anything to you but just look for Willow charcoal and experiment around before you try complex sketches, but it's quite fun. and your fingers and/or everything around you is black by the end of it so...
heheHhehE Y E A S T // OOO charcoal drawing!! I can maybe help with that. I JUS left all my charcoals at school today so I’ll hafta get back to you on what brand I use cuz I forgot smh. But yeah just some tips, I would do some research on which kind of paper to buy that would work best (it’s a pain but eh) and I also recommend buying a blender or using a paintbrush (yes a paintbrush lmaō) so you can get the right texture without ruining the paper. Hope this helps :D
yeah but you have a whole year to do it! and ig it’s not compulsory to finish it, you can use it to help pick a book or smth! and it is a challenge after all, don’t give up:)
these made me laugh so much 😂💛
Stawp u too kind♥️😭
Ooh the fireworks 😮
Yeah honestly just go for it you got this✊
thank you very much!
I am Not A Gryffindor 😂
Hello friend I have not been on here since last decade + age's more
np ❤️
no problem bro
aww thank ehehe
uhhh I speak Chinese and I’m currently still learning it idk ✌️I used to be able to speak Cantonese when I was younger but I forgot it lol idk how that happens
awww thank you 🥺🥺 and same to you, you’ve been so kind and such a good friend to me this year ❤️ i wouldn’t be where i am without you tbh 🤧💞
“iS SAME a CurSe woRd”
aw thank u so much!💗💗
re// i would fall off that cliff too because i am a klutz ahaha 😂
gracias señorrRrRr
oh that's horrible, I think you only realise how bad the fires are when your friends and family start to get affected too. stay safe
yeah luckily yours isn’t that bad
that's so nice of you to consider. stay safe 💗
hehehe thank you for supporting this account
Thanks so muchh
you are too kind! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
aww thank you!! and yea it was super fun, i’m so lucky my family is fortunate enough to do things like this (especially me at such a young age 🥺)
ahahahah 😂😂
Ahhh thanks 🥰
Bro u need to stop lying to moi😂❤️
Adios 2010s and 2k19
Also what on earth your profile picture is perfect
thank yiu! it has FINALLY rained and it wasn't a lot but it was enough to get rid of the smoke. I can see across the street now! we're doing much better ❤️❤️
THANKS SO MUCH😭😭💕 also thank you for telling me pc has just kinda stopped notifying me for some things and it’s p annoying haha
I just realized I haven’t responded to like, 25% of people’s comments cuz I haven’t been getting notifications 😓😓
thank you! Yesterday we got a little sprinkle of rain yesterday, did you get any at the coast?
thank you so much💗💗I was worried people would be irritated at me for posting about Australia’s bushfires a lot idk why
aww that’s not true
aaahhh thank youu
thank youu💕
hi to whoever sees this, I'm grounded for 2 weeks and uh my parents took my phone away so this is my laptop here but yeah sorry :(( explanation later (i didn't do anything bad)
i might be able to get *un-grounded* but uhh we'll see 🤷‍♀️
ack that’s so tough🥺🥺^
also very late response but YW! yaaaay it’s on amazon :D
thank you! :)
Hey My first interview is up come check it out!!
^^aww that sucks, good luck negotiating your freedom ;w;
aw thanks
thanks for the compliments 🌸 and yay! There is a 40% chance of rain today so fingers crossed🤞🏻
thanks for making me laugh’
bruh same 😂😂 sometimes i literally sleep too much tho?? like if i sleep any more than 7-8 hrs i’m tired all day im not even lying
issjhwgja tank u 🥺💞