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Yeeeeeeeeeee *is in that nonbinary group and is happy to be included*
re:// lol thats the day before my birthday. What's on the 26th?
lol... I may be in more than one thing on this calendar thing.......
that's called being pansexual... from my understanding…
ah yes
okay sorry.đŸ˜•đŸ˜”đŸ’–
Bisexual means two meaning you like boys and girls. If you like non binary people than that would be considered Pansexual.
I know. Pansexual is all genders, bi=2. Bisexual means you like two genders. Girl and boy.
Yes, I see what you are saying about like two genders. If you like binary or no gender (forgot the name) then wouldn't that be considered Pansexual because besides their gender you still like them?