m a k e  a  w i s h ! ✨ 11/08
🔮I  h o p e  y o u r  w i s h  
w i l l  b e  g r a n t e d !🔮

🌫~a new theme, a new beginning.~🌫
hear me out, read the COMMENTS, I need to spill the tea + it's really important to me.. m e l 💞


m a k e a w i s h ! ✨ 11/08 🔮I h o p e y o u r w i s h w i l l b e g r a n t e d !🔮 🌫~a new theme, a new beginning.~🌫 hear me out, read the COMMENTS, I need to spill the tea + it's really important to me.. m e l 💞

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No.1 - F a i t h, You know the point in life when you realize just how busy it is? I think I've seriously reached this point. I am as busy as ever with upcoming assessments and tests honestly I only realize I have an account on PC when the weekend comes around and I have no idea what to post. Seeing this amazing community makes me really happy; the people and the incredible ideas everyone can come up with. Sad thing is is that when I look at my account, I don't see an achiever, an inspiring or someone to look up to. I see how far I've gone down and it feels really bad... F a i t h - Have faith in me and I will try my best to change my account's state. I'm having dating in myself and I'm making room for you guys, and telling myself that I have 1.9K people who care about me (also TY GUYS SM FOR A WHOPPING 1.9K!) It was hard before but now I'm stronger and will make this account alive again💪
No.2 - T r u s t , This theme, as you know, has been way too long and slowly it's been eating away my inspiration, even without me realizing. I've tried to keep it going but it's only been pulling me further down the tracks of sadness. But then there was a day where there was a spark. An inspo spark that got me thinking. What is wrong? Why do I feel this? How can't I lift myself up from this weight that has overcome me? Honestly I'm not sure I got like this but it was having faith and t r u s t i n g that this was not the end. I could pick myself up, stronger than before. T r u s t - I trusted myself that I could pull myself out of this pickle and look, soon I'll be back to my happy self. I want to tell you guys, don't fret when you feel down or stuck. [skip over if you want to hear religious stuff, but please hear me out] When I especially feel stuck, I tell God. It doesn't have to be a full on SERMON but just like a conversation with a friend, the friend of the Maker of our World! [ends here all ya skippers] I trusted you guys to understand and WOW, you all have impressed me in hanging in there. So what if 3 or less people left, that was the consequences, but I'm happy I'm in a better place now.
No.3 - A n d a l i t t l e p i x i e d u s t✨ My personal life is not in the best state as it could be and I struggle everyday with new challenges. Right now I have a sprained ankle and a running competition in a few days but I take things slowly and am grateful any chance I can get. I've been trying to treat everyone the same, even though how hard it may be and I want to spread this kindness and gratefulness p i x i e d u s t to everyone. You don't realize how amazing life can be until a bad thing happens so let's be grateful of what we have in the moment!
~F a i t h, T r u s t, a n d a l i t t l e p i x i e d u s t - I've had faith, trust and I'm spreading my pixie dust✨~
Thank you for reading this super long message and you don't know how much this means to me. I can't be more thankful for my friends online and everyone here on this amazing community and I really hope you support what I'm doing and what to expect in the future☺️
congrats on 1.9k mel!!!
0.1k closer to 2k🥳🥳
woahh gorgeous ^^also what u said was rlly rlly deep and inspirational man
it took me like half an hr to place the text where I want it to be 😂
lowkey forgot my hogwarts house but I can’t be bothered to do it all over again lol
I also have a maths assignment to do but can’t be bothered
we legit have to write 4 paragraphs like I thought this is maths not English?
I’m that type of person to just do my assignments the night before 😂
pretty sure I have french hw but can’t be bothered
it’s nearly 2 yrs since I’ve been on pc but it doesn’t feel like 2 yrs
I’m basically functioning on -51 braincells and like 6 hrs of sleep everyday
tbh if skl isn’t a place to sleep then home shouldn’t be a place to study
oOf so many i’s lol
sksksks thank you🧡
imma thank ya anyway bruh. THANK YOUUUU🧡🧡🧡🧡
sooo pretty🦋
we’ll always be there for you!!! ✨ f a i t h , t r u s t , & p i x i e d u s t✨
❤️✨we’re here if u ever need! don’t feel like you need to be on here all the time! and i know how you feel, i was off my acc for a long time and everything completely when down but slowly i’m getting it back to the way it was before :)❤️you got this!
but i’m glad this is a new beginning for you!🥰❤️
ofc hon!! and that means so much💞
love this! 🤩
awh you’re so sweet but np!! i’m so glad i helped :)) and haha yay to new starts!🎉
congrats on 1.9k