me when i try to be active🤪 btw do u guys know/listen to troye sivan??  he's always been one of my all time fav people/artists to follow🥺 i also went to his concert like 4 years ago with my bsf, we had a blast🤧 check comments💗


me when i try to be active🤪 btw do u guys know/listen to troye sivan?? he's always been one of my all time fav people/artists to follow🥺 i also went to his concert like 4 years ago with my bsf, we had a blast🤧 check comments💗

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ok so i just wanted to add a couple of useless things lol: first off, i'm considering changing my username (both on here and on instagram) in order to make them match, so that i wouldn't have to double watermark each post... but i'm still not sure! if i decide to do that, i'll let u know and probably ask u for advice lol😂
secondly, i really wanna get back into the editing and posting mood bc i feel like since i started classes again i've been less active on here🤔 i tried to join the new collage showdown thingy in order to motivate myself to be active, but i highly doubt i'll be accepted as i sent my request only yesterday and probably all the spots have already been filled, but that's ok💗 i'll probably look for other contests to join eheh
and lastly i hope everyone is doing great on here... life is not the best at the moment, as we all know, but i hope that pc is still a safe place for each of you, as it is for me💞✨
dont worry about posting
im honestly debating changing my upload schedule 😂
bc school is stressful rn with tests and i needed to choose my subjects for next year 😂
if u change ur name pls tell me bc ill be like “who the heck is dis?” if u dont 😂
tysm for liking 💝
I’m so glad you want to be more active! i understand changing the users so they are the same, it would def make things easier! i rly love this edit bc I love this song and love troye sivan! rager teenager and fools are my favorite! rager teenager just is perfect👌🏻
i will probably change it after the easter break. and all the tests for now are done :D
Oh my gosh so pretty I love it so much!!❤️
I love this!
This is so PRETYY! I love the colors scheme!
I honest,y love ur user , but it’s your choice to change it or not, but if u do please let us know:)
Awwwww your welcome!😊
The link sadly did not work but I will try and search it up
Do you mind remixing it to me please?
This is so pretty!! The colours look so cute 💙
ty how have you been?
Oh no it’s ok and I don't recall you did say it.
thanks!! this is so prettyyy
awe thank you! 😊 and I’ll have to try the bold with the italics! i like to pair contrasting fonts for dramatic effects, so those sound perfect!
I’m good tyy♥️
I did thank you so much do you mind if I use it in a collage inspired by you?
tyyy! im kinda having a mental breakdown in the bathroom as im getting the urge to sh again 😔
im trying so flipping hard and this is what happens :,)
awww this is so neat 🤍
Thank you! ❤️
Alright no pressure:))
this is so beautiful 💙 absolutely love the light blue + white theme on this :) honestly I don’t mind if you change your user, rlly love it (both on here and insta) they’re both so unique but if u prefer one more than the other than just change that one to match. fee free to ask me for ideas on users, I’ll think of some for you :) definitely agree with you, I have been so inactive lately 😔😔 but I can see you trying to post more, don’t worry about not being inactive because of sch, we all have been thru that haha. hope you’re fine as well <e
aww thank you <3 haha I bet you would be able to whip this up in like 5 minutes- I’m the one that envies your style here haha. oh hope it goes well, kinda late for it oops 😅😅 im fine I suppose just that my exams for term 2 is already arriving in a couple of weeks- like 2-
it’s rlly annoying, can’t believe that it’s happening again- it’s like a yearly thing oml- and thank you <3!!
Are you having the same glitch where you can't see any of your collage? Only when you go through notifications?
Hi!This is my new confessions/advice account. Everything you need to know is posted <3
hey hru today? ❤️
rlly cant rmb, my memory is fuzzy haha. i think it at most took about 2 weeks max, maybe minimum would be a couple of days to 1 week, im not too sure because I rlly can’t rmb how long it took so sorry 😔😔
heyy!! how have you been♥️♥️
new post!
btw i forgot to mention in my latest, i did a name reveal in my bio 😂
ahhhh tysmm you’re sooooo sweet 💕!!! how are you?
i’m doing okay! school is getting better haha. how’s school been going for you?
Thank you!! And Lily is such a cute name 💕
amazing 🤩
thanks!! dont worry! just remember princess leia from star wars 😂
im named after her but the my spelling for “laia” is Spanish apparently lol
its kinda annoying tho because sometimes peoppe pronouns it wrong 😑
ive been called layla, leah, laura, etcc
I’m good thx!
also yeh… i love that ring 😍
im literally wearing it rn :,)
oh i meant to ask!! what music artists do you like to listen to?
welcome :) is it better for you now tho?
Ty! ooh classic I love French fries! 🍟 ❤️
so at first I couldn’t see my posts and remixes but now I just can’t see my remixes :)
hopefully it gets fixed soon haha
oh lol
Awwwwwww thank you!❤️
hey how have you been?
i like the piano guys (i’m weird ik), phil wickham, lauren daigle (my dad loves her so i literally know by heart EVERY SINGLE ONE of her songs), david kushner, chris tomlin, TOBYMAC (i love him sm), ludovico einadui (i may not have spelled his last name correctly..), thefatrat, john williams, john powell, micheal giaccino, crowded, shane & shane, CORY ASBURY… i listen to a lot lol. i also like veggie tales silly songs ik weird i grew up on them and i love them 😂
what are your favorite shows??
Thank you!!
thanks Emma!
i haven’t heard of those, haha but i’ll totally look them up! i grew up with phineas and ferb and i still binge it regularly because it’s amazing. i absolutely adore the clone wars. i also like tom and jerry, looney tunes (idk if that counts), the three stooges (idk if that does either…) and studio c was on tv so technically it’s a show. HAVE YOU WATCHED THE OLD STUDIO C VIDEOS??? if you haven’t go watch them RIGHT NOW. the older ones are best, from about 3 years ago backwards. they are all on youtube. i have suggestions if you don’t know what to look for. you will DIE laughing. anyways… we don’t have tv because it’s gross so i have disney plus and youtube is all haha, so that’s all the shows i watch haha. OMG WAIT BIG HERO SIX THE SERIES. it’s SO GOOD. even better than the movie!! i love that one so much haha
thank you <33
tysm for the spam ur collages are amazing btw😍
yes the movie is awesome but the series is even better!! it’s on disney plus. phineas and ferb though is legendary ❤️
what movies do you like?
Thank you ❤❤
I've been obsessed with them for like 5 years now, will definitely let y'all know what it was like :)