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It doesn't let me to remix on here what shall I do
I will enter tomorrow
mine worked
okay 👌🏻 I’ll enter soon
I'll try again tomorrow
If not can u remix me the png then I'll Remix it on one of ur other Collages if that's ok
Ugh it still ain't working so can u remix me the png
hey please check out my recent post!!!
hi awesome collager! round 2 is up! sorry if I’m sending this and you already entered. the reason is because I kept on putting of the notification by here it is!
I’ll enter my entry by Saturday night or Sunday morning I had my wisdom teeth taken out the other day and I’m in a lot of pain so it’s hard to use my phone because I’m always sleeping I would really appreciate the extra time thank you for your understanding
i is sorry but I have time do the the entry Saturday morning, not Friday. I’m really busy with school and stuff sorry again. I hope that’s okay.
hi collager!! round 2 results are up! and if you survived round 3 is also up!!
I couldn't collect the png so used a similar one is that okay?
Round 0 results are up! come and see! comment a 💎 when seen! I will notify you when the next round is up! ♥️kanani_girl33
Round one is up!! due the 21st!!! good luck!! ♥️♥️♥️kanani_girl33
hi awesome collager!! if you wanna enter a contest I have one on my account! most recent post! it’s a background contest for people to enter and make me computer and/or phone backgrounds! I would love it if you entered! -Tomdaya_Zolland
hey stunning collager I came to ask you a question would you like to join my mega descendants collab quick there is only two spaces left
When are results coming out???
hey u know it’s now the 22nd of September
Round 1 results are up for my movie games! comment an “💃” when seen! and comment an “🕺” if you want me to notify you when the next round is up! ♥️kanani_girl33
hello amazing collager, my come back round is up and even if you aren’t out you can enter! so come and check it out!! please comment a 👑 when seen! thank you! ♥️kanani_girl33
It’s October
hi could you come join my icon contest but quick it’s due in a couple of hours xx
it is now OCTOBER!!!
hi would you like to enter my icon contest this is a new account that me and ocean flow created today and we need an icon hope u can join but it's du later today xx
hey I’m descendants_queen and you are a follower of mine could you please check out my account and maybe give some inspiration thank you so much for reading you are so kind thanks bye xx❤️
you are late
can u like my most recent post because I haven’t posted in ages and I feel like everyone forgot about me so from now I will try post every Saturday just so u know thanks