Love by the moon!! This font (typeface) was created by me as well as my background!! It was so much fun to make :) 🌙 ☀️ love by the moon was inspired by my tattoo !!  (In remixes)


Love by the moon!! This font (typeface) was created by me as well as my background!! It was so much fun to make :) 🌙 ☀️ love by the moon was inspired by my tattoo !! (In remixes)

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so pretty!❤️
stunning 😍💘🙌🏼
nice! 💕 on my way to the new HP movie rn
aww thank you💗
thank you so much!!!
pretty! 😻
thanks! your account is amazing!! ❤️
you’re welcome :)
thank you! ur entire account is absolutely brilliant
this is super cute!💕🙏🏻
YEEEEEEESSSS!!! I love it when old friends come back to PC!! Yes! All of those things!! lol
This is REALLY cool!
thank u so much
What have you been up to?
whoa 90 cookies is a lot that’s awesome!
what did u make them for?
Thank you! My friend has read that book, is it any good?
oh really? that’s so cool I’m glad ur helping out ❤️
that’s amazing
I wanna help
then again I’d probably eat one lol so I can’t help 😂😂😂
and I will do more QOTDS 💖😘
oh really? 😂
so me 🥰
nothing much just watching lmn
thank you! how did you make this!? 😲
love it! 💞 Is your icon you?
omg ur amazing!! I can just barely skate but my friend is a figure skater :)
COOL! LOL Been busy transferring from online to campus!
ooh nice it’s a great passion 😊♥️
it’s basically lifetime movies
and hgtv is cool
Ok! Trying to make sure everything is lined up and set before I head off so that it won't cause any problems when I get there. I was told because of my grades I get a guaranteed scholarship.
no worries
Pretty. 🌌
so cool😂 Tysm for the follow☺️
thank you💖
u should enter Audreyhepburn24’s giveaway!
Thanks Bestie!! <3
wanna collab??
so beautiful!
your art is always on point, ur theme is awesomeness
this is beautiful!!! I can’t believe you made that!! you are an awesome collager
thank uu!
aww tysm❤️
thank you for the spam!!💙
np! and oooooh that’s cool I kinda want to get a little sunflower and hedgehog 😂 lol I sound like I’m two 😭😂 but I’m just an immature teen👏well anywhooo r you enjoying college? (or r you not going to college)
woah! congrats! and I was thinking a somewhat detailed sunflower but a hedgehog like wait I’ll remix a drawing or something
aww, tysm! :)))
oooh thats interesting, what are you studying?
that’s so cool! 😱
aww thanks for following them 💛💛
I L O V E tea 🍵 too!!! 😂
*sincerely sorry for advertisement* Hi! You are a fantastic collage maker and I want you to join my flowers 🌸 contest!!! Everyone who joins will ALL get a group shoutout no matter what!! 😊 I know it’s winter so I wanted to mix it up with some floral gestures!! Anyways you are a lovely ❤️ person and I would love you to join!! Chili 🌶 Vibes!! Luv 💛😊💐💋 -Ukulele97
I’m good!💕hbu?
btw,This is beautiful
aw thank youu
Thx for the spam! I’d love to do a follow for follow! you’re great!
you’re welcome ❤️
I checked your follow category and my notifs, it shows that you are not yet following me. my motifs may be slow
aww...thank you ❤️❤️ I love this so much 💖💖
lol thx 👌🏼😄
thank you!!!
u were totally right, tysm
Thanks 💕
how did u create ur own text and background??
love it
thank you so much! :D
love this🥰
so cute❤️❤️
it would also mean the world to me if you checked out my account it sort of like a blog haha😂🤪(you don’t have to if you don’t want to)❤️❤️
heyy hru
pretty good, dreading going back to school monday though🙈🙈😣
thank you!!!
thx for following me
there. are. words. in. the. sky. LOVE THAT
how are you doing?
pretty good too 😂
school is school 😂
that’s good!
YOU HAVE A TATTOO!!! that’s so cool!!!
wow Tysm. it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you on. I’ve been busy. what’s up with you ?
ok how you been doing?
I’m ok I guess. lost my love of my life to Cancer. still missing a person I’m in live with. it’s hard but we must go in with our lives I suppose. I’m glad I have pic collage. it helps me so much. God bless you are an amazing artist I will always follow you ❤️💜
i really like this❤️
gorgeous 💕
this is so asthetic I LUV it!!! ❤️