Collage by CreatingPoetry


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I'm so unmotivated so make collages rn, ughh. Was also sick last week, so that didn't help 🙃
omg this is beautiful want to collab one time
anouk this is AMAZING
I can’t even tell where each photo starts and ends!! ahhh I love me some good ol dark fantasy core
@cap (pc fix this please): so felt.. I have so many drafts of unfinished works but I can’t get myself to fix it
thanks! that’s good :) I’m good too, I’m about to go snowboarding! do you play any sports?
WOW I CAN'T EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS OMG!!💕 you're so talented, anouk <33
oooo that sounds amazing, how was the musical?? & i'm okay, thank you for asking.. school was very stressful these last weeks but we have a week of holidays now & we're going skiing - i'm so looking forward to it!! how was your weekend by the way? and thank u so much!!
so so so gorgeous!! how are you?💗
omg this is everythingg