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baaaby ❤️
Hey ❤
baaby❤️ I actually feel good this morning ❤️
That's good baby ❤❤
yess❤️ you should bring me some cereal I has cravings❤️
Ok baby I'll bring u cereal ❤❤
I’m hungryyy❤️
Lol yea baby I'll give u cereal ❤❤
I can pop coller done in and out of place😳❤
yay ❤️❤️❤️ Eve is cute this morning baby❤️
don’t do that baby😩😳❤️
hey baby I need to get ready to leave I loves youuu❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love u to❤❤❤
hey baby ima take a shower I love you❤️❤️
I love u to❤
baaaaby mew ❤️ Eve is so cute baby❤️
What did she do??❤❤
nothing she’s just adorable ❤️ I was thinking about her ❤️ she kicked like once but she’s still cute ❤️
Well shes like momma❤❤ little cute and adorable ❤❤
I forgot the dogs outside 😳😂❤
well he’s adorable ❤️ my mom said that when you can feel her kick from the outside of my belly my mom wants to feel ❤️
I think Eve is a little mad at me rn baby can I go to bed at like 9?❤️
Yea I don't care❤❤ umm so I never told u this but umm I hate being a lone I always need to be with someone I always need to be next to someone to reel comfortable
are you okay baby??
Oh yea I'm fine baby❤❤ just started thinking about that❤ and my mom said that I had a twin and I lost the twin that's y im always with someone and not alone is cause idk to me being alone is almost scarier then death
well sooner than later we will be together all the time I promise ❤️
See I'm excited about that❤ and I'm excited to sleep with u tomorrow ❤❤
me too baby❤️❤️ just cuddles ❤️❤️❤️
Well not only cuddles I get to be with u❤
I likes being with you ❤️❤️ just you me and eve ❤️
And a lone time❤
I love alone time ❤️❤️
Like alone time just u and I❤❤
yes please cuddles ❤️❤️
Eve says she’s tired baby❤️❤️
She can go to bed❤
okay baby❤️ I fxcking loves you baby❤️❤️❤️
I love u to baby ❤❤
I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow 😩❤️❤️
Oh ik baby same❤❤
god I’m hurting this morning baby 😩❤️ just cuddles af please ❤️
I'm fine with cuddles❤❤
we are going to bed early tonight okay ❤️ like I need sleeep😩❤️❤️
can you bring me cereal again baby?❤️
Yea I can bring u cereal ❤
yay ❤️
I’ve kinda got a headache and feel like sick like not nauseas throwing up sick but just don’t feel good if you know what I mean so if I’m quiet on the bus that’s why okay?❤️
Ok baby ❤
nugget feels bloated today holy shxxt ❤️
Well have u seen how much u ate??
heyyyyy😳❤️ she feels bigger than usual okay❤️
can you bring water too baby?❤️
Well with how much spaghetti u had I bet she is bigger😳❤❤
Yea I can bring a waterv
shhhh she likes spaghetti ❤️
okay good I need water this morning 😩❤️
I noticed 😂❤
well she needs water this morning I think I had too much spaghetti 😩😳❤️
Probably baby ❤❤
yeaaaa oops ❤️
Remember we're having biscuits and gravy tonight ❤❤
yes ❤️ I won’t eat as fast and as much but I’ll eat ❤️
Ok good❤❤
god yea I need sleep ❤️ okay baby ima get ready to go I loves you baaabyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love u to❤
text off the new post baby