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[06/08/17] • [11:22AM]
Started Off My Day By Slipping In The Shower And Denting My Beautiful Soap Bar, Joe ... Sorry Joe! 


*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・''・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* [06/08/17] • [11:22AM] •• Started Off My Day By Slipping In The Shower And Denting My Beautiful Soap Bar, Joe ... Sorry Joe! ••

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This is so beautiful and aesthetic I just love it sm!! ~ poor Joe :(
Tysm, also a e s t h e t i c quality content man
awwww thank you sooo much!!😭🖤 i hope i do too i hate this feeling and i wish life would work out for once
this is so beautiful 😱♥️♥️♥️
this is so perfect
holy moly this looks fantastic
No problem, and sounds great💕
I just kind of give people random contact names and forget who they are
I don't know what it says but it's cool🤗💖🌹🌹
This is so coooooooolll
tysm for da spam of likes!! ❤️💛💚💙💜
and also i hope Joe is alright!!is she/he feeling better? ☺️❤️
omg wat my handwriting is HORRID 😅and also np!! and ya, i'm fine. 💓bat i gotta go to bed now, chat later? i'm so srry!! luv ya 😘❤️
Lol thought of doing the bee movie script, but then remembered that that meme has been dead for months
re:// who t f is this?? excuse me? oh wait they're really nice nvm łmao
re:// dw I love ya to bits now
nah, i'm just having some friendship problems...so as tardiness and forgetting homework...*sigh* that awkward moment when ur teacher looks at ur screen and realizes you didn't do ur part of the homework ON ACCIDENT....i feel like a failure. actually i am. i mean i got a F 😞wut person gets an F? *sighhhhhhh*
and abt my friendship...well my fren thinks i'm not cool enough to be her fren...she's like omg u have so many tardiness and failed grades idek why i was ur fren, ur so bad now no offenseeeee and then i lost my soccer game today....i'm so messed up 😭😭😭
srry bai gotta do Chinese 😰😰😰😰
it's currently 9:23 P.M rn and i got 2 more presentations, pre-algebra homework (40 questions) and Chinese which i gotta write a 10 paged essay abt ancient China 😭😭😭😭
okay for real bai i'm so srry fren i'm not asking anything from you, srry you have to deal with my rants 😔
aw, thanx, ur message rlly made me feel way better 😘my teacher shouted at me in front of everybody and i almost cried...well this other person also had a rlly bad day. at least my da was better than yesterday...i ended up sleep at 1 and then i got in real big trouble when my father found out i was doing my homework in a small corner of the kitchen...so i had to wake up at 5 to secretly finish my homework bat i still had to do extra chores anyhow 😓nah, Asian parents ahhh 😭well, my teacher yelled at me today. so. we were supposed to grade out own papers (on our iPad actually) and it was rlly complicated. my teacher didn't rlly tell many details, so i was rlly confused. she was going so fast and i started to get frustrated. i raised my hand and asked for assistance and she was just like "just count the things you got right!!" bat then she changed it and didn't rlly make a big deal abt it so i got even more confused. when everybody was done my teacher was like "okay when i call on r name pls tell my ur score. if ur embarrassed come up and show me ur score." i hadn't graded my paper yet and i just so happened to be the second one called. i quietly answer "i'm not done yet...." and my teacher was...like "DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO COUNT?! JUST GRADE IT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE! DIDN'T YOU LISTEN TO ME? okay, Lyn, go help Kate." and after that it was lunch bat i didn't go to lunch. i ran to the bathroom and...cried. ya, you can think i'm ridiculous...more like stupid...i'm such a failure again...i came from a happy girl, the girl everybody in my class knew as "amazing" and now nobody likes me...like i asked one of my classmates wut was the homework and she was just like, "go ask someone else, i'm kinda busy here!" and....idek how bad things are turning out for me...😞
^^omg yike i understand if you don't wanna read that^^
aw, tysm!! i look up to you the same 😘
and omggg how can i so relate!! i remember in America when me and my mother (wow amazing grammar Kate) would go out to shop for clothes and then we'd get so side-tracted and and only buy like two stuff 😂
and OMGGGG hope you have the bestest time (ya don't ask wut word hehe) ahhh i feel so much happier when i talk to you 😁i gotta sleep soon tho cuz tomorrow i have school 😭😭😭😭😭i hate Mondays whyyyyy
aye yes. i remember i commented my reply right when i woke up and now you have woken up i have to go to bed with another week of school which means another week off piccollage...imma miss you sosososososo much, sis, and i'll always keep your words of wisdom in my mind and on my arms and hands 😂😘💓night, hun!! ❤️💛💚💙💜
OMGGGGG!!!! hokay. WRITE THE FOLLOWING ON YOUR ARMS AND HANDS WITH A WASHABLE MARKER 😆: 1) STAY AWAY FROM DRAMA. in middle school, it's a big transition honestly. now, ur not the oldest, the cool "big kids" in elęmentary, bat you are the youngest. people might think of you as "brainless" (which is wut people tease me...) bat rlly their lifeless 😂2) HARDSHIPS ARE COMING YOUR WAY 😭: for my first week, i cut, i was so stressful. bat all of that is normal. my sis said that 6th grade was the longest year for her, it was that difficult. don't expect like "oh it's just another normal year of school mehhhhh" it's a lot to expect... 3) ⚠️WARNING⚠️: LOADS OF HOMEWORK AHEAD 😰: hokay. you know how much i like to rant especially for these kinda stuff...bat let me tell you this. every night i stay up till abt 11:59 to finish all my homework. at least for my school. not to scare you or anything...just learn to be efficient and you'll probs finish faster than me 😳cuz like for each subject you have homework soooooo 👎🏻also don't worry if you take like 20 centuries to open your locker, that's me 😂school lockers are usually dirty and old so...ya 😷ik this already long so i'll let you stop reading!! luv ya, GOOD LUCK ON MIDDLE SCHOOL!! GO GURL!! YOU CAN RULE!!
‼️ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION...‼️just a warning, middle school is WAY better than ęlementary bat also WAY worse than ęlementary...☹️
^^my advice 😘^^
oh srsly, you never need to thank me all that 💓and okay...bat it was far more than homework 🙁sweet dreaming!! 😘
and omg nooooooo!! don't get a haircut!! ur hair is sososososo pretty!! 😍
hokay so i got caught 😂obviously 😳and so my dad got mad at me bat i'm still here 😝nah idkkkk 😬and ouchhhh slipping in the shower? 😯that must hurt 😬i have a weird habit of singing in the shower, also singing in the elevator (obviously if i'm the only one in the elevator) like whaaaa is up with me?! 🤡and omg schoooool!!! bat i bet you'll do great, sis!! just stick wi your besties and follow them around and don't get lost on the first day like me!! 😳YOU RULE, SUSH!! 😘
heyo, sushi!! itz ur gurl Kate here....i just started this account, do you think i'm good at this style and i should continue it? i honestly don't know...🤔
morning sush!! 😌how was your sleep? 💓*currently supposed to be sleeping bat is ridiculously crouching in a kitchen cabinet not sleeping or studying and ignoring the fact that prison is tomorrow 🤡
ohmigosh...i remember feeling that feeling 😂you know wut i think is in middle school, you get a chance to b cool, be free 😊like on the first day i remember skipping from class to class, you don't need to go in a line!! and at lunch, wanna go somewhere, go somewhere!! itz like everything you can do, bat itz all your responsibility. like say ohmigosh i don't need to go in a line and stop if someone's talking bat if you are late, bat instead YOU are tardy. gahhh gotta go to school i have so much more to tell you, bai sis!! don't worry, you'll at least do way better than me 😂
a hatepage?!?!?! omg ....😳
No I hate her so much she's just a ball of trash and is so gross and weird and obnoxious she really should be off piccollage. I honestly don't care if I hurt her feelings anyway, I mean that's the point!! 😂😂😂to make her sad enough to leave piccollage!! here is a place NOT for her so we HATE her. understand now?!?!?!
hey sushi!! currently procrastinating so i just thought why not talk to my bestie on here :) i just wanna tysm for being i supportive against the hate, i'm trying not to be cheesy cuz i HATE those kinda peeps, bat rlly, tysm ☺️💓
oh ya. and also ik you probs don't care about toy most favorite club is starting!! DRAMAAAA!!! 😆😆😆😆anywhoooo
and ya i'm trying out and also for solo YIKE 😳i'm rlly bad, don't worry 😁
hey sushi!! do you have a whi? maybe we could chat privately there...if you wanna the app (it's free) 😊😏
oh ya and also my throat hurts...do you know wut i should do? 😶tysm 💓
oh!! and have a good day at school!! learn lots!! 😘
^^ahem omg i am beyond srry that was like the cheesiest thing i have ever said to a human omg i'm cringing 😳^^
you know i'm thinking of revealing my face to you...bat i'm a little nervous since i have never done such things before...bat i mean itz not like ur gon steal my info...😂
and omg sush i gotta go to Beijing tomorrow with all he girls middle school soccer team 😱😱😱😱i just got my uniform yesterday and the numbers are organized by size (like 2 is the smallest and the biggest is 24) and i got 3!!! so i'm a little number three OMG I'M SO EXCITED he only major problem is the plane and train tickets are srsly expensive atm and my parents have to pay for it obvi...so my mom purchased the first flight which departs at 6:30 A.M. which means i gotta wake up early NOOOOO ITZ THE WEEKEND THO and my ankles still hurt from Thursday's practice ☹️WISH ME LUCKKKKK THOOOOO 😁
aw, rlly? hehe, tysssm!! when your active i'll reveal my face JUST CUZ imma reveal my face after 10K, bat you rlly deserve it 😉i gotta delete it right after you see it so ☺️
OMG SUSH I JUST GOT BACK FROM MY SOCCER TORNAMENT (tomorrow i'm sending you pics) ....i had a rlly rough time out there...😶
ya i'm on !! bat i'm like falling asleep now and hungry ...😩
like literally if i skip a meal imma go eat your arm off 😶
alright ... i'll ask my couch at practice tomorrow, tysm, sis !!
ah , yes , speechless at how beautiful you are i see and can totally relate srsly gurlie you are way more beautiful than me itz the obvious truth 😍
hmmm ... just a quick question ? does it involve showing your face a lot ? ☺️like when you talk to someone or something ? 🙃
oh and alright , night sweetie !! 😘
(for real this time 😂)
ah , that must be nice 😌well i just came back from prison ... this week is like the week i'm crushed ... since for all my subjects i'm kinda ending the unit / chapters so i have huge test that are a huge part of your grade tests this week ... itz like everyday this week i have a test which is a huge bummer ... still procrastinating anyway tho 🙄
aw, thanx !! i'm sure you're at least better than me because who can get worst than me ? 🙃for some reason why do i feel like i'm so good at things that are not related to studies and grades and so bad at thighs for school and homework ? 🙁like i'm horrid at math , which is a big part of like your college application requirements but in the other hand i'm "good" (however you want to call it) at soccer , but that's nothing compared things ... that's just me i guess ? 🍛
ah okay ... i'm still not sure ... 😊i sure do want to chat more with you more privately tho since we are really close frens 🙃
i thought so 😂but it’s the only one that comes up when i search your username ... ✨
this is so cute, poor Joe!!! 💓