Collage by Beautiful-


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It hasn’t started yet I have to get all players before start. Which it will start about the 16th of April!
yay I made it
I did not make it 😔
but congrats to those who did 😊
ya ^^
do song lyrics that you’ve used count?
I’m changing the due date to: April 11th
omgosh I didn’t even notice!!😂 tysm❤️
Task 1 has begun. It started a tiny bit earlier because I was VERY eager to start. Make sure you turn your best work and turn it NOT on the due date: April 21st, or you will be eliminated! Have a blessed day!
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Don’t forget to enter! Due date: Sunday(April 21) If you enter on or after the due date you are eliminated! Good Luck!
Hey I’m still in this Battle
You know, I remixed my collage
On my account. then the acc got deleted
and I can’t find the collage i made
Hey, do you want me to make a team contest or an icon contest or none? thanks a lot! (if I will I will post this on my extras account)
what abt the games??????
(btw I’m stilll in)