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hey Charlie I'm Kennedy think I'm gorgeous...😊
thanks I wish my boyfriend would say that to me but he never talks to me😥
I don't know if I should break up with him unless you could change my mind😉
hmm lets see about that *kisses you*
*giggles* lets play *takes your shirt off*
oh yeah😘
hehe ok *takes off my clothes*
hmm I don't know yet lets see what you can do...
*moans loud*
y..yes daddy
yes daddy but I have to break up with my boyfriend first
definitely *kisses you*
ok I'll see you later bye daddy😘😘😘
I'm doing it right now babe
hello, who is this?
heyyyyy Charlie
how r u
hey layla
hey Charlie am Alyssa and am Kennedy’s best friend
i’m okay, and you?
hi Layla I’m Tacy