Collage by waterbillie


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okie I willl
wait I can’t remember what’s your name?
pshhhh nahhhh you’re!❤️❤️
you’re welcome and thanks❤️😊
I’m bad with names😬😂 sorry
I love ya moreeee🤪
is too!😤😤
hey :)
wdym bestie?
okie sure❤️❤️❤️
you start it off❤️❤️
(the first one)
(you do top I do bottom)
yeah ofc😂😂
can we do a wdw collaboration after
a collab sounds amazing! what job would you like to do?
thank you!! 💕😊🤧
😊 you’re welcome boo!! 💕
sure!! 💕😊
now I am😅🤣
yw stands for you’re welcome and u said thx on my page
wdym by top and bottom? 🤧
this one too!! 😻🤩
wanna do the background or text? 💕😂
you’re welcome ♥️
which text?
okay what theme?
I could post it for you if you give me your pass (you can trust me💕) and tell me what to put in the caption
Of course!!
Sure! What would you like me to do?
What first part?
There’s just one part I believe..
to this one or my edits acc?
your welcome💕💕😊 you’re too!
i love this so much!!
I would love to collaborate!!
what is the Getty image sign?